Free Essay Sample «Why I Want to Attend Orange Coast College»

«Why I Want to Attend Orange Coast College»

I have always known that American educational system ranks highly among the other educational systems. In my opinion, American education allows a student to use the gained knowledge in practice. While studying, the students find out how to reach the peak in life using their learning skills. This is the reason why I have moved to America from Vietnam. I have graduated from high school in the USA, and now I am going to attend Orange Coast College (OCC).

I have always wanted to become an interior designer. I have chosen OCC because it has complex interior designer program. In addition, I have paid attention to the fact that Orange Coast College is in the top 100 community colleges in the USA.

The course of the interior designer lasts for 2 years. It is a transfer, lower-division undergraduate program. When I finish learning this course, I will be able to continue my education at the California State University or other universities. Thus, it offers many challenges for my future.

I think that Orange Coast College provides the best learning environment for its students. OCC is equipped with the latest technologies. The library at OCC is very large. It contains all the necessary literature not only for my course, but also for all the other programs. I am sure that I will find all materials and electronic sources needed for my development as an interior designer. Orange Coast College can be also proud of its experienced, highly qualified instructors. I am sure that their teaching methods will help me to gain a high standard of knowledge. I hope that their wise advice will inspire me to make people’s hearth and home cozy and comfortable.

I am sure that I will not only learn a lot at OCC but also make many friends. Thus, Orange Coast College will assist me in the achievement of my career and life goals.



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