Free Essay Sample «Who am I»

«Who am I»

My name is Brandon. I was born 22 years ago, and I am the firstborn son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniels. Besides, I am a student, an uncle to my cousin’s kids. The most beautiful thing about being an uncle is the interaction I have with my niece and nephews. I love children because they make the worst day seem even brighter and a dull day livelier. In addition, I respect the dutythat comes with being a first born. The expectations from my parents make this even livelier. My main role and prime responsibility in the family are to act as a defender. This is in terms of what is right and respect the family rules that have kept us together.

The society’s role at the same time has made this experience memorable. Having been raised up in a community of rich cultural diversity, and the importance with which they attach to first born, I am obliged to meet their standards. My family is one that expects the best from anyone. My parents are believers in education, and they invest their energy and time to me and my two siblings in order to empower us. They have earned their degrees and graduated top in their class. In the same light, this is the expectation they have for me after my four years in college.

In addition, it is the experience that my parent had throughout their education life and careers through which they continue to instill key life principles and lessons. This is what they have passed to my siblings and me. The struggle to attain and achieve the highest ideals in life emanates from having a strong educational background. Thus, the investment in education is one of the few principles that they expect me and my siblings to pass to other generations to come. This is one of the most influential factors that have made me grow with as a disciplined being. This has enhanced sense of self and my self esteem. This is in comparison with the individuals close to me and with a similar background.

The other notable ideals that my parents and society have enhanced are the significance of striving to attain life’s best choices. This specifically relates to the fact that one must struggle and achieve the best by working for it, and nothing comes on a silver plate. For instance, the status of my family and other people in the society in middle-class is a result of their continued struggle. They have worked hard to attain this. This is the day to day struggle that society and my family have undergone to meet their educational goals and empower us.

The values that have developed lay their foundation on self reliance, discipline, personal growth and maturity, hard work and commitment, and ultimately self belief. The importance of the values that I hold to cannot be understated. The values that my family taught me coupled with the societal influences have continued to shape who I am today. Thus, my growth as an individual and maturity is because of the influence of my family on y personality, character, and maturity. The values of self belief, hard work and commitment, have positively impacted on my ability to interact with others and view life in a more detailed perspective. When I approach new challenges, I take time to go through them, and it s this critical thinking skills that have made me survive even the most challenging situations. Overall, the values have shaped me; they carry a vital role in personal development.

I believe these values play a significant role through the way they have shaped how I interact with people around me. I have developed my social skills as a result of the influence my family has on me. My parents believe that every person in anyone’s life plays a key role and is equally influential. I interact with several people in order to get their understanding of the world. This has largely emanated from the interaction I have with people around. One of the most significant things that my family has taught me is value based thinking. My parents have taught me how to face key life challenges by giving me responsibilities at a young age. For instance, they believe that, as an eldest son, I should help my siblings develop more.

The role of university education in value development is large. Through education, I have developed intercultural consciousness. I believe that the development of self-awareness roots from the reflection an individual has about himself and who they are. This is essential in developing my interaction with others and creating a picture of me in the eyes of others. Over the years, I have developed my level of confidence as a result of interacting with people across all walks of life. In addition, education has further accentuated this level of confidence. I can interact with all men and women due to the expansive knowledge that education has given me.

Today, I believe that education is empowerment, and I am likely to see myself as a successful being in five or more years. Education has enabled me separate right from wrong, and develop views that have enhanced my personal development. My role models continue to shape my future too. I look at Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Richard Branson, and I see that behind a shadow of darkness, there is light. This is the basis of my conviction in a better future. With determination, I believe that I can walk in their success paths. This is who I am.



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