Free Essay Sample «Unforgettable Trip»

«Unforgettable Trip»

For a long period of time, I was dreaming of something that would absolutely change my lifestyle and outlook, and help me understand what I am searching for and whom I actually am. So, I decided to take a trip around the world. You cannot even imagine how it was necessary for me to find a harmony with myself and understand what is going on around me. I hoped that experience would broadcast my knowledge, and moreover, I would have a possibility to enjoy the solitude. But the situation was quite different; as it was a college trip, I was going in the company of four strangers: a bookworm, a professor, a sportsman, and a pretty girl. All of them remembered me an episode from the Canterbury Tales, so it seemed to be funny.

From the first minutes of our trip, I understood that probably, I could not find a common ground with the boy who was crazy about books and another one, crazy about his own appearance. The two boys irritated me every time they tried to speak. The bookworm was spending hours reading silly books and retelling every page to all of us. Moreover, he had unattractive appearance, and every time he spoke, his saliva was dropping everywhere. A friend of his, a sportsman, was much more pleasant, but he had one problem – he adored himself so much that he could not notice anybody around him, even a pretty girl with amazing blue eyes. Frankly speaking, besides her eyes she had nothing amazing; moreover, she was the kind of girls being egger to get married to an attractive sportsman. That was the main reason she was keeping track of the jock and tried to spend more time with him.

The only person I could chat with was a professor. He was young but rather intelligent. We could spend hours talking about philosophical themes. It seemed to me that I had known him for ages; he helped me define my life goals.

Thus, my trip was rather interesting than boring. I realized that every person is a master of his/her fate. The correct purpose choice can make the life essential and useful.



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