Free Essay Sample «The Poor Old Man»

«The Poor Old Man»

A memoir is a writing done by someone to give accountofhis/herexperiences and personallife and majorly shows the record of events that happens to a person where entirely they are based on individualobservation. There are some of life experiences which when they happen to someone they completely change his/her way of thinking or rather perceiving things. Seemingly one can experience heroic deeds and consequently shape up their future life. Becoming a hero is everyone’s dreams as heroes are quite admirable for doing remarkable and noble deeds. Also many people encounter experiences in lifetime that give them a chance of being a hero in the society. One day I encountered such an experience which made me have a strong positive view towards life. I was barely 12 years and had gone for Valentine shopping with my father to a store in town which was fully packed with people as they hurriedly bought flowers. In that group I noticed a neat, well shaved and tidy old man in old clothes who was standing by the counter and by the look he could not afford a bunch of flowers (Learn by Example, n.d.).

As we continued sampling our flower references the man approached the saleswoman and requested to be awarded a bunch of flowers freely but the saleswoman turned his plea down and thereafter asked my father why she did not give the man flowers but instead of answering my father took a bunch and offered to pay for him. Our family was not that well-off however both my parents held nice jobs and had that character of helping people even though they were strangers. The man who later we came to know him as Mr. Jimmy Wade was so appreciative for the bouquet paid for by my father whom he told us that he wanted to buy them for his ailing wife who loved flowers but unluckily for him he had no money. Soon after we offered him a ride home which was quite a distance from the store and he was once more very grateful for my father’s helping gesture. I requested for his address and there on grew up sending each other letters until one day he suffered a fatal accident and passed on. Though he died his legacy lives in me as now and then I reflect on the happenings of that day and many inspirations engulf me and teach me on the daily unnoticeable heroes who surround us and need to appreciated for their remarkable activities they do.



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