Free Essay Sample «The People who I Look Up To»

«The People who I Look Up To»

One of the greatest lessons for a highly fulfilling life is to rise from a life spent chasing success to one dedicated to finding significance. All great leaders, thinkers and humanitarians have abandoned selfish lives and, in doing so, found all the happiness, abundance and satisfaction they desired. They have had people they looked up to. While I believe that hard work is essential to a life of real success and fulfillment, I think that being filled with a deep sense of inspiration and commitment to making a difference in the world is an even more important attribute.

This is a special article made especially for my mother and my uncle. My mother is to me my rock and by far the strongest woman I have ever known. She has had many trials in her life and tragedy yet she overcomes all of them. I have that sense of security from the love my mother has for me and how she shows it. Without her life would have been unbearable and not worthwhile. She has been the strongest pillar of my entire life and I owe her so much. It is because of her tireless effort that I made up to here. I have learnt so much from her and I hope to be a bit like her if not more. I want my future family to grow up much as I have, because it has been an amazing experience and I have learned so much. I can never express the deepest gratitude I have for her (Jakubowska, & Piech, 2008).

My uncle Charles is the first black sergeant in the city of East Cleveland. He has been a great inspiration to my family and me. Being the first black sergeant, many people have looked up to him as a mentor and a role model. He has lived up to people’s expectations and not disappointed. Looking up to, he has made me have more ambitions. At the beginning of each sitting day, he escorts the speaker into the legislative assembly chamber whilst carrying the mace. More so, he is the constable of the assembly responsible for the security and maintenance of the legislative assembly chamber, its galleries and committees. He also delivers summons to witness on behalf of legislative assembly committees and undertakes ceremonial duties for the opening of a new session of parliament. Despite all this, he has been a dedicated and devoted family member. There is no point of time he has failed in his duties as a sergeant, an uncle and a father to the kids (Fanon, 1994)

Civil rights promote and ensure that people have equal access to and opportunity to participate in certain health and human services programs without facing unlawful discrimination. The Civil Rights Division carries out this mission by enforcing Federal laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination based on color, national origin, disability, age and, in certain circumstances, sex and religion, in programs and activities that receive financial assistance. Due to this, I have been able to study here comfortably without much strain, the trauma, and everything else that comes with discrimination. My life has been trending well so far I cannot complain. This is because of the support I got from my uncle Charles and especially my mother. They mean the world to me (Janoski, 1998)

To sum up I really want to thank God for the kind of people He has put around me. They have showed so much effort and tirelessly worked to see me come out successful. Ido not take this for granted and I really commit to becoming person who lives life in a constant state of gratitude and positive expectations.



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