Free Essay Sample «Talent to Dance»

«Talent to Dance»

Every child is born with a talent. Some notice it in the early childhood while others find it being already an adult. Talent cannot be treated as a simple ability to do something, but a complex of common things that are to be interconnected in order to reveal the talent to the full extend. As for me, my dancing abilities were noticed in the early childhood, but no one could imagine that it would be continued.

Being a child, I adored listening to various sounds and rhythms. It was my passion to walk along the city streets and listening to the sounds of passing trains, ticking of an old clock, and, the most important – listening to street musicians and watching street dancers. When staying at home on a rainy day, my favorite sound was rhythmic tapping of rain drops outside. My parents noticed that hearing the sounds, I started tapping my feet upon the floor and moving my hands. Those were my first but the most important steps in dancing career. Furthermore, I started noticing that music sound made my body move actively according to the rhythm. The turning point was when I prepared a dance for my mom’s birthday, and she said, “You’ve got a talent!” Since that time, I started realizing that it was my duty not to lose it.

Another interesting thing is that I could not only dance but also teach others to move. Firstly, those were my friends and neighbors but the result was amazing. It was such a pleasure to realize that you can bring positive emotions to other people. That was a hint that dancing could be not only a talent but also a career, where I can develop my skills and master them. Combining dancing and teaching can become a very useful job of a teacher of dancing. It is a well-known job, and I would like to train future clip dancers that are actively looked for by famous singers.

Dancing and teaching are interconnected with each other. A teacher should not only dance but also know psychological aspects to create a positive climate in the class. As I work with talented people, it is my responsibility to improve their professional as well as personal qualities. My job position will be a teacher and an adviser in students’ future career.

My job is connected with students of all ages as there are clips involving small children. According to my personal experience, the early development of talents leads to career success. That is why children are of special concern. It is hard but rewarding to work with them as they open their talents each time more and more.

The school provides service to young dancers who do not have any experience in dancing but are highly talented and have a strong desire to become famous dancers and work with celebrated singers and musicians. The classes are going to be not only dancing but also incorporate psychology and creativity development. It is rather useful to know all the aspects of dancing industry and how to cope with them. We are constantly organizing seminars with many lectors who are the representatives of music industry. That is why there are many opportunities to make a successful career of a dancer and work with an outstanding singer.

It is very difficult to be a talented person. First of all, one should find out what his/her talent is; also, the surrounding people should try their best to help improve skills and develop them. Such field as dancing has always been full of talented children and adults who want to be stars but do not know how to get a perfect qualification. My colleges and I can help to solve that problem by establishing such a school whose main idea will be: “Find the talent and work on it”. It will be a great pleasure to see at least one of my students in the clip with a famous singer.



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