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A clear definition may not be found on what success is but it is simply a term that is relative to self actualization. Whenever one talks of success the issue that is achievement comes into our mind. Humans have aspirations and goals in life that they wish to achieve. Humans will never be comfortable with whatever they have as they will always work towards their self actualization. The degree of the realization of these goals in terms is what brings in the aspect that is success. As such, what might seem to be a success to one person may not be success to the other person (Pincott 189).

Success tends to be relative. One sees a certain achievement to be a success but the other sees it not to be a success based on their judgment. Our expectations also determine our judgments for a situation to be successful or not. If one had wanted to make a thousand dollars in his business they may term this to be a success but if they make less than 50 dollars profit for example, this is relative to the target that they had set at the very beginning. Success can only be defined through history. We can only term something to be a success by looking at how it has done in the past may it be ten million years ago or even ten seconds ago. If the trend compared to the past is not with a positive impact then we would definitely not term such as success but if it happens that the progress is positive as compared to what we had planed to achieve then we can call this success. The relativity of our expectations and plans will also dictate on whether its success or not.

Self confidence is a key feature of success. One cannot achieve what they have not worked for. We only work towards set goals and targets because we have the confidence that we can achieve. If President Barack Obama would have not had the self confidence that he can become the first black President of the United State, then he would have not in the first place thrown himself in to the nomination. A success story would not have been brought up as he wouldn’t be President. Such confidence is just but a product if faith and positive thinking (Switzer 89).

Success comes through hard work. People that succeed must be strategically positioned and working towards certain set goals for them to emerge victoriously. This gives success another feature that is process. Success is a process. One does not just wake up all over sudden and find they are successful. It is a process that involves the steps and decisions that are made by an individual. Success comes out of self determination. Most people that succeed usually pass through various challenges in the course of their activities that are aimed at reaching certain goals or moving towards self actualization. Failure to have determination has made many to fall back when the challenges come but successful; people will confront the challenges.

There are various things that make people not to be successful in pursuit of their goals and set targets. This may include poor planning, procrastination, lack of determination, poor set targets, poor resource utilization and management. Many people actually want to achieve something and count it as a success but they never because they never had the vision in whatever they were doing. For success to be realized one must be ready to pay for the cost by taking everything that involves the given goal course with all the seriousness that it deserves (Lord 67).



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