Free Essay Sample «Stereotypes Associated with Fat People»

«Stereotypes Associated with Fat People»

I am 31 years old white female who is 5'9 and heavy set. I am married to a black man with 3 daughters. People assume I am overweight because I over eat or do not exercise, they do not know that I have been through hell. I had to have a complete hysterectomy at 29. The cancer cells first on my cervix when I was 27, and then cyst bad cells again, when I was 29, required my 5th surgery. My body has not handled this entire process well. My thyroid stopped working, and I have gained 55lbs. People judge me without even knowing my story; some do not even want to associate themselves with me.

My husband and daughters have been supportive in everything I do in order to lose weight. They always encourage me even when I feel I cannot live anymore. In the past, I was a strong person, and I used to tell myself that nothing will ever bring me down. As time went by, I lost hope because of people; those who do not walk in these shoes I am talking about may not understand what I am saying! People associate fat people with poor eating habits and that they like eating too much, which is not always the case, especially, in my case. I try to eat the best, and healthy diet, carefully noting the calories in my intake, but nothing seems to work for me.

Most people think that we, fat people, do not exercise, but this is wrong because for me exercise, is part of my daily routine. I work out a lot just that I would fit in the society but still it is not enough that is what I feel like. If we could choose our way, no one would choose to be this fat. It is frustrating and depressing whenever one makes you feel, or you cannot do something just because you fat, keeping in mind all that you are doing so that you can be accepted in society.

Some people go to the extent of calling me unhealthy because of my weight. Of course, it might be true but also not all slim people are healthy. I have good cholesterol, blood pressure; I do not even suffer from diabetes, but no one believes this. I sometimes get to the point of not wanting to leave the house because of the different messages I get from people when I am out there.

My husband is our breadwinner; this is because I cannot get myself a stable job. I always try to get one, but most employers assume that we, fat people, are lazy and we not productive. This is wrong. Employers also assume that fat people are emotionally unstable and that it is difficult for fat people to get along with other workers. People, also stereotype that a fat person is stupid, and does not reason, most people do not agree with fat people’s opinions, and if they do, they are not taken seriously; they assume that nothing coming out of his or her mouth can be sensible.

People have this assumption that fat people smell, this is wrong, because people who do not bathe are the ones that stink. The society does not seem to appreciate us, the sizes of seats in buses, cinemas, waiting rooms and even airplanes are mostly suited for those who are not fat. Even when it comes to fashion and clothing, people think that slim people will look good in certain clothes and thus they end up designing them for only the slim.

Stereotypes, especially for fat people, are very insulting and rude; we always wish we would let the people judging us walk a mile in our shoes, so they know what we feel inside! Therefore, the next time you make an assumption about a fat person check yourself first before passing the judgment. People believe in so many things concerning this stereotype but with no valid conclusion. It is good to respect all people, fat or thin, and you will be surprised with what you will get in return.



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