Free Essay Sample «Statement of Personal Achievement»

«Statement of Personal Achievement»

Having flamboyance for a society that values ethnic and cultural diversity, I have the desire to pursue a Ph.D. course in the University of California, Santa Barbara. I believe that I can be able to perform well in this field. I also believe that I have a great deal of culture that will allow me to fit well and greatly contribute to the global flavor in the University of California. According to the poem written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, it is clear and the poet also stresses that the best way leave the universe a bit better is to have succeeded in something.

Since the moment I read the poem, my life has never been the same again because it has really influenced my life. But the fact is that my initial efforts to make the world a better came as I joined the university because I felt that I should make the university the better place. I felt that in order for me t attain my objectives, I was in a better chance if I could have joined the comrades in the university and thus I decided to run for presidency of students’ union of which I succeeded. As the vice president at the university, I made efforts with the aim of ensuring that there was an opportunity to understand everyone’s needs and this was to be accomplished through holding regular meetings between the dean of departments and the students.

By ensuring that students and dean of department meet regularly, students were in a position to present their grievances and propositions concerning the diversified curriculum and also acquiring facilities for the disabled students. Amongst the things that I did as the vice presidents was proposing a new teaching and evaluation program that ensured students were in a position to be evaluated and helped in improving their personal and academic achievement. A huge number of students concurred with my proposal and therefore self-evaluation and teaching evaluation was therefore used at school. Moreover, I also had the opportunity to speak at a symposium on the discipline of Humanities and Liberal Education. I talked about the “The True Nature of the University” with the aim of evoking the student’s attention concerning humanities. All the above mentioned activities were really rewarding and thus made me to focus my efforts on success.

Later on, after I graduated from the university, I joined voluntary work team at Shim-Teo which was a juvenile protection center. At the center I volunteered in so many things such as teaching English and Math to those teenagers who had already been abandoned. In sharing what I knew was my passion and I also believed that sharing knowledge was one way of enhancing social equality. I believe that I have what it takes to be a professor and organize faculty members in sharing my dream in building the faculty at large. Basically, I am sure that I am capable of sharing my dream by building universities in the underdeveloped countries such Cambodia and Mongolia.

In order to succeed in achieving my dream, I therefore apply for a Ph.D. course in the University of California, Santa Barbara. I believe that the university has what it takes to produce one of the most prominent people as per its previous record. I am interested in studying racism in Korea and my future research topic remains an unexplored field which is really vital to be scrutinized. The study on this new topic will bring UCSB to several research domains and comparison between racism in the United States of America and that in Korea Republic. I believe that the idea will be significant in promoting diversity within the campus. In addition, I also believe that my study will be significant in that it will enable Korean people to develop a society that values ethnic and cultural diversity. As a result this will also facilitate for social equality to the immigrants from South East of Asia whose people are suffering from racial discrimination in Korea. I believe that if I employ the best tactics I am in a position to realize my dreams and contribute sustainable to the UCSB.

In conclusion, living in a diverse intercontinental society of various nationalities and mixing up with people from different communities has allowed me to recognize and appreciate different cultures. With the experience I have and the strong motivation in crafting of a brighter future, I believe that I am in a position to justify my decision in pursuing a career in social and ethnic diversity. I assure you and the institution at large that if given the opportunity, I will demonstrate myself a capable and dedicated student. I therefore look forward for your positive response. Thank you in advance.



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