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«Sales Growth Representative»

Santa Fe natural tobacco Company has continuously reaffirmed its uncompromising commitment to our natural tobacco products and I can help you exactly do that.

High-quality work, company loyalty and customer satisfaction has been a strong focus for me throughout my entire career. Your job posting on your website convinced me that I was a perfect match for the post of the Sales Growth Representative being that my skills and experiences perfectly match with the job description outlined. While working in various positions in the past, I have mastered functions which you are looking for. These are

  • Sales Experience: I have experience of 6 years while working on retail and wholesalers of tobacco product where I served on sales and operated retail accounts. I also looked for new clients by making calls and visiting potential customers in our locale.
  • Computer: While at work, I was able to use Microsoft office applications such as Word, Excel and Access to write documents, carry out calculations and store client data respectively. Often, I used Microsoft PowerPoint to make sales presentations.
  • Customer service: I served for more than 3years in a filling station where I helped in improving the customer experience. Our customer based double during the period. This was as a result of engaging customers about their views of our products and inculcating their opinions into our work processes.
  • Critical thinking: in office, I came to be known as “the answer person” being that I used critical thinking to arrive at solutions to problems at work and develop innovative strategies of reaching out to our clients.
  • Management skills: I have 3 years’ experience in management. This taught me how to deal with people at motivate both the clients and staff.

I am confident that my skills and experience will be a perfect match for the above job and looking forward to discussing your needs in detail and my possible contributions. I’m ready, willing and able to fit in wherever I am needed in order to uphold your vision in the tobacco industry. In the interim, I thank you for reviewing this letter and the accompanying material.




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