Free Essay Sample «Rescued Kitten»

«Rescued Kitten»

It was a rainy autumn Sunday. The sky was covered with heavy clouds, and people did not even hope to see the streams of sun that day. Huge raindrops were falling to the ground making puddles everywhere. Once and again, the wind rose and plucked the yellowed leaves from the trees. I could see from my window how wet people were running and jumping over the water flows trying to find some shelter and hide from the rain. The weather was so nasty that I wished I could stay at home all day long enjoying hot tea and entertaining movies. However, my mother had the other plans for my day off. She said that I should go to my grandmother and help her sort old books and magazines which piled up in her attic over the years. Though I was upset because of leaving my warm and cozy house, I knew that my grandmother was waiting for my help. Besides, I liked to listen to various fascinating stories about my granny’s adventures in good old times.

When I finished eating my dinner, I put on waterproof coat and gumboots, took my umbrella and stirred abroad. I should note that my granny lived a few blocks away from our house. Since the bus-stop was not located near my place of residence, I decided to go on foot. It usually took me approximately 20 minutes to get to the house of my grandmother.

I was slowly walking on oppressive dull streets bundling up in the coat. I was looking at my reflection in the water and thinking about my tomorrow’s lessons. I passed two blocks in such melancholic mood. All of a sudden, I heard a raucous meowing. I lifted up my head and froze on the spot. A terrible scene took place right in front of my eyes. A little kitten sat in the middle of a huge puddle. It was drenched to the bones. It was muddy and cold. It was perished and overcome. The kitten was scraggy to that extent that I could see its ribs. I was sure that the little ball of fur did not eat for a long time. It seemed that the kitten spent its last energy on meowing and that it was an appeal for help. However, the picture of lonely poor kitty was not so awful. The actions of a little boy added the horror into the scene. He was dressed in dirty coat and boots staying in front of the kitten. There was a heap of ground near him and a deep trench behind the heap. Thus, he took the ground, molded muddy blobs and hurled them at a helpless kitten. He broke out laughing every time when he hit the target. It was obvious that a little monster enjoyed his cruel game. I was shocked that people who passed by ignored the awful deed of the little boy.

A minute later the little boy came to the exhausted kitten and grabbed it for its thin tail. Little kitty did not even try to resist anymore. Without a doubt, he had an intention to throw a poor thing into the trench full of water. The kitten would have not survived if he had thrown it there. At that time, he was towing over the trench. I did not have time for hesitation. I ran there with all my forces.

“Stop! Don’t do it!” – I screamed approaching him.

The boy stood motionless.

“Wha… What... What are you doing?!” – I asked all in a breath.

“It’s not your business...” – The child answered back.

“Not my business? You want to kill this little kitty!” – I said.

“So what?” – The boy responded.

“Who gave you the right to torture this little creature? Who gave you the right to pass judgment on the kitten?” – I asked almost screaming.

“It’s not your business...” – The boy repeated.

“Why are you playing on the street in such bad weather?” – I asked.

The boy did not answer.

“Where is your mum?” – I asked.

“She is busy with….with… It’s not your business.” – He mumbled.

“Listen. The kitty is not a toy. You can’t do with it whatever you want. You can’t kill it!” – I said.

The boy turned away from me and raised the kitten above the water. He neglected all my remarks. All of a sudden, I snatched out the kitten from his hand and run away. I pressed the kitty to my heart. It did not move. I was dazed. Was the kitten dead? My heart sank. I felt a lump in the throat.

However, in a few seconds I heard a weak meow. The kitten was alive! I rushed to the house of my grandmother. I cannot describe my granny’s amazement when she saw that poor little thing. We postponed our affairs and began to cure the kitty. A few months had passed before the kitten made a full recovery. My grandmother decided to leave the kitten in her apartment. Every time I visit her, Fluffy looks at me with eyes full of love and tender.

That event greatly changed my outlook. I understood that people should not be obsessed only with their problems. They should open their eyes and look around. Only then they will see how many living creatures need their help. I consider that people should always take care of animals because they are not able to protect themselves from the cruelty of the world. In addition, that event made me rethink my certain principles concerning parenthood. Without a doubt, parents must set a good example for their offspring if they want to raise a man of worth. I hope that my story will be useful for every person.



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