Free Essay Sample «Reagan Revolution through President Obama»

«Reagan Revolution through President Obama»

Getting involved in all these questions connected with politics, medicine, and military activity makes you a bit confused, but when you get the point you can see a picture. So do I. I’d like to share the picture that silhouetted in my head while observing important events in the history of our country and their consequences.

I have never thought that ex-president Reagan and nowadays president Obama have a lot in common in the way they rule the country, the way they make mistakes, which are very similar, and of course tax reforms. Let’s have a closer look. Reagan wanted to decrease the importance and influence of government in 1980s. To make this come true he issued act in 1981 (A. Leonard, 2008) that helped to decrease taxes, but increased expenses at the same time. The consequence of this decision was a huge debt of $3 trillion, which was 3 times more than before the act (D. Stockman, 2010). As D. Stockman states, - new reforms were needed, but they weren’t issued, and none part of government was abolished. During the presidency of Reagan, the unemployment rate was 10.4% and during Obama’s- it is a bit less 9.4% (Rich F., 2011). Nowadays situation isn’t much better. Instead of paying attention to a debt, stock market tries to improve the economic situation in the country. Good news is that the amount of debt is just $1.1 trillion. The interesting point here is that the US owns this money to Federal Reserve System. Taking loans every single day Americans also have to pay out interest rate, thus, “monetary hole” becomes deeper and deeper. It is a big economic recession, which the USA experiences today. And what about Obama? Though our debt hole is less than it was when Reagan was a president, instead of confessing in defeat, our president Obama started blaming the former president J. Bush and his administration in economic crises (B. Blitt, 2011). If Obama continued the same leadership campaign as Reagan established it would be deplorable for both: Obama and America. Not having a choice Obama started the revolution. It began when he decided to abolish conservatism.President did it on purpose, but not noisy. -"That our power alone cannot protect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we please", said Obama. This message was sent to people to prove serious intentions about breaking up with past, - with Reagan and Bush’s ways of ruling. He started fight against inequality of rich and poor. He insists on helping those, who are in need. What makes Obama different from his predecessors is that he focuses more on people’s responsibilities then their rights, thus he may create a conflict with those who disagree with his point of view.  Anyways politics is a ring and wins the one who has a better strategy and who knows the opponent better than himself, rather than just “lunge”.

America’s commotion 1

In the 1980s America came across with the [disaster] called AIDS. Nowadays this disease is known to the whole world. While looking for the information concerning its origin I came across with a few options. First was that it came from Africa - monkeys were its transmitters and second, and on my opinion more believable, is that it was the result of a gay experiment (A. Cantwell, 2009). In 1979 chosen gays-volunteers donated blood in medical center to make a vaccine against hepatitis B. They were taking this vaccine, but then got contaminated with AIDS. It’s not 100% proved, but it is said that probably some of the gays were already contaminated with this disease, thus people who were vaccinated with the vaccine made from contaminated blood were infected with AIDS (A. Cantwell, 2009). To avoid positive publicity AIDS was covered with other spheres of life, like politics, science, etc. But anyway news about “gay plague” started to spread. It created a panic among people. People were terrified, basically because nobody knew how to cure the disease (S. Sontag, 1988), because infected people had to deal with this on their own. Panic lasted more than 10 yrs, until people found out that AIDS was a long-lasting disease, and that it could be cured. The nightmare stopped being a nuclear destruction (S. Ratzan, 1993, pp. 1). Nevertheless AIDS is a problem. It influences people’s lives, economics, destroys stability, it’s a death, no matter if you live 10-15 years, the consequence is death anyway.

America’s commotion 2

What still bother Americans is attacks, which took place in September 9, 2001; to be more accurate not even the fact of attacks, but its consequences. As we all know soon after this tragic day the USA started war with Afghanistan and later with Iraq. It’s so-called “Obama’s Vietnam”. We’ll try to figure out who and why justifies this war against Afghanistan and Iraq. Those, who attacked New York twins weren’t Afghan, but the war against it started anyway. The US government stated that the war was needed to avoid another attack (D. Griffin, 2010). Authorities didn’t give the right to start wars, but they started. Can we call them to be illegal? According to the Constitution – yes, it is. If we talk about morality, so let’s face it, this war is immoral. To response of cruelty we send even more cruelty. Even Obama said:” After the Taliban refused to turn over Osama bin Laden – we sent our troops into Afghanistan”. Sounds more like revenge, than a real reason. As it turned out Taliban didn’t send Osama to US, because there were no proves that he was accessorial to these attacks. I can only guess, but maybe Obama together with all US government had their personal scores and all this situation with September 9 was just a cover? Nevertheless my guesses wars continue and people die for someone’s revenge, which we’ll find out later. After US army started attacking Afghanistan, Taliban was ready to give them bin Laden if they show the proves of his guilt, but no proves were given. What shocks me the most is that in 2009 Obama said that these wars were necessity. He said that these wars will help to avoid terroristic attacks in the future. The truth lies much deeper. Just a few months before attacks in NY, the US led negations with Afghanistan about creating a government, which will consist of fractions, which the US is in good relationship with. When Taliban turned this offer down, the US started a “war” (D. Griffin, 2010). It’s something like: If you aren’t with us, you’re against us.  We know from magazines, TV, news that those who attacked world trade center were Muslims, who belonged to al- Qaeda terrorist organization. We also know that Osama bin-Laden was the leader of this organization. That’s why we have people to blame. Unfortunately the whole nation can’t be responsible for what 19 people did, but they are. I don’t know why, but we always try to find someone to blame, but us. How many times did you think about the real reason of this tragic day? How many of you thought that these wars are nothing, but death. This cruelty brings even more cruelty, but what’s the point? American nation will destroy Afghanistan, Iraq, and what’s or who’s next? Thousands of soldiers were sent to these countries, some of them have already died and some will never see their families again. Unfortunately my country, my America became a death producer and I’m not proud of it. Its cruelty doesn’t have limits. Troops that were sent to Asian countries managed to drop bombs when people were celebrating some occasions and even at funerals, while they were mourning dead and died themselves (D. Griffin, 2010). I have a hope that Eastern countries won’t bear arms and get revenge for everything we did to them.

 Anyway, the truth is that wars continue and they are probably needed for someone, but it’s a pity innocent people die because American government didn’t share something with someone. Our president Obama is probably a “pawn” in chess. I don’t think he’s the one to make decision, but the one who these decisions are told. Though we are called free country with high moral principles, I disagree with this. In the world of freedom diseases don’t appear from anywhere and don’t become a disaster; wars don’t start without the reason, and people don’t just die. I think for everything there is a reason and I believe that ambitions, materialism became the bases of our existence. I am sorry; I truly am, because none of these needs are really important. I wish one day we unite and abolish these wars and this cruelty. 



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