Free Essay Sample «Personal Statement in Biochemistry»

«Personal Statement in Biochemistry»

Studying Biochemistry is quite interesting due to expanding job offers since opportunities in healthcare provision across different establishments such as schools, pharmacies, and hospitals are on the increase. Notably, specialists in the fields of both biology and chemistry need to understand the approaches that are used to discover new drugs, the effect they have on the human bodies, and the proper formulation necessary to make them useful to humanity. The wide range of knowledge in the field of Biochemistry is helpful in preparing one for their professional career in healthcare provision.

Based on the realization that Biochemistry is a critical subject in the world today, by studying the course, I will learn a wide array of subjects that integrate both healthcare and science. Similarly, I will position myself well to learn and develop my skills in practice and healthcare. Thus, I will be better placed to serve the society.

My interest in science, especially chemistry led me to take many classes in this field. Taking organic chemistry brought me to a completely new application of chemistry. My major area of interest was to learn about compounds, their interaction with the human body. Along with chemistry classes, I took biology, which was the perfect combination given my interest in Biochemistry.

My interest in the field of Biochemistry is traceable to my aspiration to be involved in the improvement of other people's health. I also aspire to be knowledgeable in various topics pertaining to health care. Moreover, I am seeking to have a means to explore my full potential and build a promising career in Biochemistry. My two years of getting higher education have been largely interesting as well as challenging. Referring to my Biochemistry courses, I have learnt about life and health at many different levels. For instance, in the biology classes I have studied the body systems and their functions, which are particularly interesting. It is intriguing to learn about both the chemical and biological composition of the human body, in addition to the innumerable processes that occur constantly.

I look forward to joining the educational program and beginning to learn more details about the different array of medicines and their interactions with the body systems. More importantly, I would be excited to employ the knowledge I have gained through my education to my daily life and career.

Working in the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology (University of California) proved that I have an interest in research. I had a scholarship from Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology to take a two-credit class. By the end of the scholarship, I was offered a similar job as Technician Research Associate in the University of Washington. That job made me think about continuing my career in the field of research after graduate school. It is also worth noting that I like working with new instruments. I also use materials after running tests to make sure that efficiency and quality are guaranteed. Furthermore, helping my biology instructor over the summer proved to be very rewarding. Working with other students and helping them was equally great. Moreover, I know an important aspect of working in a pharmaceutical outlet will entail consulting patients and explaining proper drug use.

In choosing the best medicines, pharmacists could help patients to recover from ailments and avoid side effects. I would like to get an opportunity to work with patients directly, an aspect I truly cherish. This position holds significance since patients often visit pharmaceutical outlets. Consequently, I would be positioned to interact with them directly.

I have always admired a field that allows people to combine interdisciplinary science in a patient-oriented environment. Since pharmacy offers this possibility, I am inclined to study the course more than any other course. I am confident that by admitting me to the undergraduate degree program in Biochemistry, I will bring my dedication, work ethic, ambition and enthusiasm qualities and share them with my classmates. I am very proud of my achievements and accomplishments, but I still yearn to achieve greater heights. Towards this end, I strongly believe that the Biochemistry program offered at University of London will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve and exceed my objectives.



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