Free Essay Sample «My Military Experience»

«My Military Experience»

My personal experiences emanate mostly from the six years I spent at the military. This surely was one of the most challenging points in my life. The task laying ahead after I joined the military was thrilling. I perceived the enlistment process as a difficult one. At that time, like most people, I have not been adequately prepared, but I was up for the task. However, to become the best soldier, I took time to prepare myself for this job. I also took every minute of time at the military to become a better soldier.

The basic training provided me the challenges that developed me both physically and mentally. The foundation and the intensity of basic training at the Military offer various challenges. Thus, individuals musthave a quick way through which they can grow psychologically and physically. Thus, the adjustment had enabled me to view life from a different perspective while undergoing job training.

Other experiences grew with the onset of basic combat training and the final advance individual training. During the first ten weeks of basic combat training, I learned the fundamentals of being a soldier. This included the combat techniques and physical training. It was at this point that my body specifically prepared itself for the mental and physical strain. The experiences from the basic combat training enhanced my self-discipline even further. The strict daily routine at the military training camp offered what the civilian life could not offer.

The discipline that the army enhanced me in developing is essential in determining the way I undertake task. During the Advanced Individual Training (AIT), I received specific skills in my chosen Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Here, I learned more about what a Human Intelligence Collector ought to have. I developed my career in this path. This is a challenging part in the military AIT. The disciplinary rules enabled me to improve further.

Physical fitness and weapons proficiency at this point did not lag behind, and from time to time, I developed these skills too. At Fort Huachuca, the intelligence school, are the privileges and independencies that the military enhanced my personal freedom. At this point of the six months of training, I laid a foundation in developing how to use my free time. This was notable as planning and having the right schedule enabled me to become a responsible soldier. The awards at AIT came easily due to my improved and satisfactory performance during training. This meant that I could enjoy personal freedom more.

After deployment, I was able to put into practice what I was trained. This was one of the most testing times for a soldier since we had to show results for the assigned tasks. Deployment is not one of the easiest tasks around as solders move around the world. At my first station, I realized I could miss the people I care for the most. My parents at home, and the friends I had made while at AIT, topped the list. The process proved to be a difficult one, but I adjusted day by day.

However, through travelling and enlisting, I had realized that the six years passed on fairy well. The other most memorable experiences come from the fact that I survived the various war fronts I was deployed. The deaths of fellow soldiers and friends while in deployment make one be afraid of the life of a soldier.

In conclusion, the six-year personal experiences in the military helped to develop my personality. Though, one is likely to have fears on what each day in the army holds, my personal experience was phenomenal. This marks the memorable experiences that I cannot forget.



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