Free Essay Sample «My House»

«My House»

There are many things in the world that can bring out some emotions and instill some level of attachment. However, there are few things that can make you feel infused and inspired through emotional attachment to them. In my case, it is my house that brings about my emotions, and that I feel strongly attached to.

My house is not too large, but it is nice and cozy with a garden in the backyard and some flowerbeds in front of it. It is in a small but nice and friendly neighborhood, where majority of people have been living there for years. The most exciting thing about the neighborhood is, however, not its people but the nature. Everything around is in blossom in spring, green in summer, colorful in autumn, and sparkling white in winter. Each season makes the neighborhood, including my house and yard, a lovely place to live in.

The first and foremost thing that makes me so attached to my house is the fact that I grew up in it. The height marks on the walls by my wardrobe remind me how I wanted to grow up faster and how I stood there almost every day to see whether I grew at least half inch. Each corner, each sign and even small scratches in the house have some stories from my childhood that make me smile every time I incidentally notice them.

Each part and every room in the house have some meaning and serve special purpose for me. Thus, my room upstairs is the place, where I like to read and simply relax after a busy day. The furniture and setting make me feel comfortable and cozy, when I need a rest. However, it is enough to simply shroud light curtains to make the room a good place for having some fun private party.

The living room downstairs is a place that I like to spend time talking to my family and friends. It inspires our long conversations with the view of the always beautiful garden. The sunlight that fills the living room with warmth makes me feel warm and relaxed there.

However, there is a special room in my house that I feel most attached to. It is a rather small room with no furniture in it. It is too small to make a bedroom, but it is nice and inspiring. It has a mirror wall, in front of which I used to make faces, wriggle, dance, and play in childhood. Now, it is the room, where I can dance for myself letting my emotions out. The mirror wall and a glass wall make it so bright and spacious that my mind opens up for creative. Whenever I feel like doing something, I go there to let my imagination work on various ideas and put it either in writing or painting. In times when I am in a bad mood or feel depressed, my feelings change within minutes after I go into the room. It keeps all my emotions, no matter good or bad, it keeps my secrets unheard and untouched by anyone but mirror. If to say it shortly, this room is the place in my house that I feel most comfortable in.

There are many places that I feel myself good being there. However, my house in a tiny and nice neighborhood, where I grew up and live until now, stays the most moving and emotional place that I feel strong attachment to. There are rooms and corners that remind me of my childhood, while there is a place, where I can still let my emotions out in any imaginable way while being on my own.



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