Free Essay Sample «My Career Aspiration»

«My Career Aspiration»

When individuals wrote their statement of need, they will usually start of with the main reason of how this scholarship will aid them financially and helped them to meet their educational goals at City University of Seattle. This applies the same to me. However, there is more to it that makes me so determined to get this scholarship than to just help me financially. Aside from achieving my educational goals, this scholarship would also aid me in achieving my personal goals and as a way to thank my parents.

My career aspiration is to have my own business and to become a successful business leader, just like my father. Therefore, I chose to major in Business Management, where I can specialize in management as well as being exposed to different aspects of business field. My passion for the field arose at the age of 20 when my father began taking me to his office. Since that first day, it is that experience motivates me to strive. I have witnessed him succeed when running his company and have learned many valuable lessons when executing a business operation. My father taught me the importance of leadership, charisma, responsibility, and confidence.

Driven with a great passion in business, most Saturdays and sometimes during my senior high school summer breaks, I often asked my father to take me to his workplace so that I could become accustomed to the working environment. In my father’s motorcycle showroom, I helped with the motor sales by checking registrations and other documents of each item, entered from factory to the showroom. Handling customers, I gained valuable experience, including the skills needed to deal with leasing departments and banks serving customers who wanted to lease vehicles and entering data for those who wanted to purchase on credit.Noticing my fondness for numerals, my father taught me finance skills using real numbers from his company records. As a novice, I was taught the basics of accounting, making journal entries and preparing financial statements.

Although building construction is my father’s main focus, the ability to calculate financial reports such as making spreadsheets for tax statements and forecasting future economic conditions that will influence prices of construction materials is very important to keep the company in business. Observing my father’s dependency on his accountant and financial specialist, I decided that I wanted to be a trustworthy person to my father as well as my colleagues. I envision myself as being a successful independent business leader, broadening the variety of skills to further my prospects.

After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I plan to find a job in the business field before I continue my study toward a Master’s degree in Marketing. Furthermore, I want to be involved in education by providing scholarships for people with difficulties, since I have seen many disadvantaged people that have willingness to study but not the means. In order to fully prepare me to enter a career in international business, I want to matriculate at the City University since I believe it is the best place to build my business skills as well as shaping me to be a better individual I would like to be.

I sincerely and honestly believed that this scholarship would definitely aid me not only in achieving my educational goals; it will also aid me in achieving my personal goals. I felt that receiving this scholarship is a gift to me for the academic excellence that I had worked so hard for and it will no doubt be the gift that I am able to present to my parents as it will reduced their financial burden and would make them proud of everything that they had given me.

However, during the crucial stage of my adolescence, my parents sent me away to study in the United States. And being far away from home - far away from my parental guidance – there were nobody who would tell me what I should and should not do. As a result, the 16 years old me, a young person who still have a child’s mind, got carried away with the freedom that I never had when I was home. I hang out with the wrong crowd, stayed up late everyday, and didn’t make any effort in doing the assignments of almost every major class that I took. Then, one day, I finally realized that all the things I have been doing wouldn’t do any good for my future nor make my parents proud of me. Since then, I decided to discipline myself by paying more attention to my study. At first, I found it very challenging to keep myself busy with my study since I used to just having fun with my friends. However, I never gave up and always encouraging myself to keep studying in order to make my parents proud of. And after struggling for quite some time, I finally succeeded to show some results. Since I first transferred from Shoreline Community College to City University, I have been successfully improving my average GPA from only 2.97 to 3.35.

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From that moment on, I am more determined to achieve excellence and I believed that I would be able to receive some kind of scholarship for all the hard work that I had put into. I studied hard during my time in City University and I was named to the Dean’s Honor List for Spring Quarter 2010. And I am determined to continue this achievement till the day of my commencement because I know that I would not only make my parents proud of me, but I would also be proud of myself for being able to learn from my mistake and successfully turn it into a thing that has encouraging me to do better with my life since then. Moreover, I knew that by having this good G.P.A and named to be in the Dean’s Honor List, I would be able to lighten the financial burden of my parents.



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