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«Micro Power»

The work under developing very small electric generators provided by few scientists in some institutions, gives a description to the term  micro power. Anyway, micro power is not only the discovering of electrons, it is the way to investigate chiefly responsible elements for converting the heat into electricity. ( Wikipedia, 2011) The search of renewable energy started in 1993 and brought inspiring results. More than 300, 000 individuals, corporations, universities worldwide and government agencies have been utilizing free tax power of the sun since then.

With the help of innovations it is possible to use portable devices able substitute batteries due to their lighter weight and longer time of utilization. Micro power enables people to deal with milliwatts. The milliwatt is the smallest unit of power that is equal to one thousandth of a watt. Consequently, it gives opportunity to save while using more. Without purchase of fuel, developed countries supply energy to their citizens. It is imperative to note that micro power serves for human’s well-being all year around. Even if the sun shines at a minimum, it is popular to deal with hydro micro power.

Technological knowhow

The innovations, described above, play a big part in the modern society. Micro power exploration allows us to bother about either heat or environment saving. Scientists all over the world discover options to utilize heat in a beneficial way. The great argument about this state is the work of Orest Symko, a professor physicist, University of Utah, and his aspirants. They devote their work to developing the smallest devices that enable conversion not only of the heat into the sound but also the possibility to generate sound from electricity. Their work opens new windows in front of the world. It gives principally new opportunities for micro power usage. The results of Symko’s work brought us devices able to cool different electronics, to tame a solar energy and reserve it modifying into completely new electric power. “We are converting waste heat to electricity in an efficient, simple way by using sound," asserts Orest Symko. The main point I would like to underline is the fact that many devices help people to reduce heat squandering and give a chance to transform heat into electricity. Let see how useful it can be in everyday life. Symko’s innovation allows to cool variety of electronic devices among them computers, radars and other gears we use. 

Beneficial contrivance might serve in different niches of human life. Founder provided it in military and educational fields of operation. New devises served as cooling tools for military radars and gave opportunity for universities to get hot-water generating plant.

Pro and contra of hydro micro power

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of micro power is its nuclear energy. (Paul Brown, 2005). People tend to think that power generating is the cheapest way to supply electricity to their homes. There are many development areas that consume micro power. Such installations provide electricity to wee communities or isolated places giving the chance to join networks. Observing this term, I must remind, a more popular one: Micro hydel. It is the famous name to hydroelectric power, which is possible to produce up to 100 kW of energy, profiting of natural sources. Virtually, micro hydel uses water flow. Hydro power system is the cheapest renewable source of green electricity (Kueny, 3).  The idea of building hydro technologies reclines on the principle of gravity. It is known that the water above sea level might produce potential energy. Then, it is compulsory to convert potential micro power into kinetic energy. It can give the water in motion. When water moves, it makes to rotate a turbine, which ‘turns on’ the generator. The generator produces electricity to consume. It seems to be very easy to get ecologically clear and environmentally safe eletricity. 

With the help of the newest technologies it became real to provide water to the droughty territories of the country. Hence, the question about territorial inhabitants’ disposition disappears sresolved. In few decades, there would not be uncomfortable place to live. If there is no water, there is the sun. There exists popular point of view that micro power entered the ‘Valley of Death’, the rocky place of scale production, making it accommodated for people’s life. (Wachter, 2005).

Certain disadvantages must be observed, if one made up his\ her mind to arrange mini hydro power system. Among them I underline a limitation of hydro technology. A small micro hydel should be situated not less than one mile from the place where the electricity is consumed. The available aqua source must obtain sufficient quantity of water. Moreover, water has to be available all the year long. Therefore, hilly places or mountains are preferred when building hydro micro power. If one utilizes right skills and proper approach to hydropower, it is possible to make little steam to work for your benefit. Hydro electricity might provide electricity on end. No other alternative can fight with this argument.

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There are doubtful questions as for what kind of micro power to choose, if natural conditions are favorable for all of them. According to Joe Schwartz, foundation of micro hydro might be twice cheaper than sun batteries or wind turbine installation. (Wachter, 2005) Undoubtedly, either solar power or micro hydro able to supply green energy around the clock, seven days per week. Nonetheless, it is up for debate, which type of micro power would take the first place among others. People, tend to think that hydro micro systems enable to leave behind wind turbines, solar panels, and sound transformation. Jamal Saghir, a director of world’s bank of natural resources confirms that quick spread and development of technologies make hydro converting systems hold leading place at the market. (2005)  People from all over the world tend to install micro hydels. The bank’s loans of outstanding hydro power projects inwrought with micro scales are above $ 1 billion, proves the popularity and wide usage of this innovation.

According to Mr. Schwarz, costs and concerns of micro power in the developed countries are not equal. This depends on the event that devices’ installation and their possible complexity for green energy and hydro power systems differ very much. If one may install micro hydro scales half a price, there is no doubt about this, one will choose a cheaper way. (2005)

Nowadays, the considerations to propound observe questionable choice. The point at issue is a selection of the best energy produced by micro power for future. Observing details, it is important to accent attention on the main argument in such discussions; removing villages from developing countries, government applies to micro power projects to supply ecologically clear electricity, in recent years. If we compare prices, micro power systems enable us to provide electricity, it becomes obvious which one to choose. It costs 10 USA cents per hour for wind, and 7 USA cents per hour for solar vs. 6 USA cents for water.


Micro power makes people save money and nature in the same time. This brings me to the main point of the essay. It is evident that nowadays society and science are looking for all possible ways to make electricity cheaper and safer. The micro power is the best way out of looses that environment is inflicted. The nature gives everything needed for us to live healthy and safety life. There are few sources for green power. The most commonly used are wind, sun, and water. However, hydropower has the most beneficial properties, compared to other sources. First of all, because of its renewable potency. The second advantage of hydro micro power is low prices for installation. Due to forecasting technologies, we know about long – term planning and supply natural energy due to water sources. Moreover, this type of green power has minimal impact on environment. It is possible also to produce decentralized energy due to hydro plants.

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In conclusion, it is important to say that green power technology is the step foreward for development of the newest technologies. It gives exceeding power to keep life safety. 



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