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«Mental Process»

Creative intelligence has four styles namely; the intuition, the imagination, and innovation on top of inspiration mind set approach (Driver, Haggard & Shallice, 2008). Each of these styles is a descriptive approach of the mindsets that are used by organizations as well as personalities to make decisions. Through the experiences and the imaginations of a person, visual evidence, and targets, these styles are able to supports an analysis and enhance decision-making.


This is a style that gives more emphasis on the results and it is more reliant on the experiences for guidance in the decision making process. It is referred to reasonably because of a believe that a significant count of mistakes can be avoided by the usage of the historical information that is related to the matter at hand. Due to the responsibility of the organization to take account of the patterns and to take care at all times as they implement decisions it is vital for them to consider history. It is possible to make the mistake by dependence of the past outcomes but it is too relevant to realize considerable results after embracing of experiences more so in the organizational strategic planning. This is because in instances where the situation may seem same, then the entity would opt to prefect the usage of the precedent strategy. A CEO who has the possession of this kind of intelligence is a tough as well as a charismatic person who and he is focused on performance on a bigger scale. Intuition does boost the decision making process though it absolute reliance on past outcomes does block the likely opportunities that the organization could use towards a success.


This style is better placed for individuals who have great possession of brawny leadership persona and they do take pleasure in writing and are artistic in nature. It is a style that enables the individuals to use their abilities and envisage diverse scenarios. An individual who possess the imaginative trait has the most optimistic impact on the making of organization decisions more so during the times of anarchy. This is because it enables one to see beyond the face value and this is affirmative of superior coping skills for the solving of the problem. Despite the ability to enable others to see beyond and facilitating their envisioning and planning, the mindset is hindered by the lack of seeing the instantaneous future. It is crucial for all decisions to be made under inclusive perspectives and it is problematic to use imaginative style due to inability to see the near tomorrow.  


This mindset does focus on the social change as well as the presenting of dedication to alter the result. It requires individual with positive energy to be able to remain motivated and hang about logical points of view as well as focused deeds. It is applied in the organization due to the ability to enable the involved parties to have a vision of the current situation and usage of it to facilitate their creation of a positive result in the days to come. It is hindered by the individual’s ability to propose a change that can block the organizations’ that they work for in a bigger scale and assorted ways. More so, the individual are just a focus of the daily operations to inspire the future position.


This style focuses on the contemporary issues and substantiation. It is considered the most logical mindset due to the clear focus on visible evidence such as data. It is however limited by the inability to visualize the organizational goals and targets in addition to the objectives that are stipulated to the success route.

These mindsets do influence the decision making process in an organization significantly (Rowe, 2004). It is therefore crucial for the entity to have a balance of the styles on intelligence that they embrace in decision-making process. Different mindsets are designed to fit in varied situations. Innovation for instance is typically set to base decisions on evidence and facts thus it does limit the decision making process where the facts are not readily available.

On daily basis as an Assistance Funeral Home Manager, I do utilize various mindsets in the making of decisions. I use a merger of two styles: the imaginative and the intuitive perspective because i am set up in between a wide variety of situations on daily basis. Due to the service industry I am working with I tend to embrace the intuitive style when am handling the human nature creation. This is because I focus on the evaluations and realization of the person who I can depend on and accord my trust due to the direct depiction of performance and communications. It is a style that is helpful to me during the business focusing part due to the inveterate patterns that I use to effectively plan for tomorrow.

I mostly use the ingenious style when am free and engaged in the brainstorming process. This is because my role at the Funeral home requires passionate visualizations and the commerce sector we are in as a funeral home and the entity life is frenzied. This style gives me the insight to see the far end and develop ways that I can apply to overcome the various bottlenecks that do bar the attaining of goals and realization of the set objectives. It has been a supportive style that facilitated my development of the strategic corporate plans this is because it enables me to realize the prospect implications of the diminutive decisions.

The styles I used did enable me to partake a role in one way or the other in an optimistic manner. Each of the mindsets allows me to have varied perspectives of a situation and this is positively related to the outlining of the limitations that are linked to each mindset. I have been able to clarify decisions I made due to the various points of view that the mindset have taught me to embrace before making of a decision. The two models that I have used in the making of decisions as a funeral assistant director have facilitated the realization of the objectives.



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