Free Essay Sample «Human Resource: My Occupation When I Graduate»

«Human Resource: My Occupation When I Graduate»

After I graduate from school I would like to work as a Human resource expert. This is the career that is able to satisfy my educational passionate efforts to realize dreams and visionaries that are wrapped in it. It is the discipline that has the ability to enable my hopes and dreams on professional grounds come true. Being a Human resource expert gives me the satisfaction that I seek from my educational affiliations as well as the undying efforts of realizing the life’s goals and objectives that I am set to achieve.

Human resource experts have wide openings for job vacancies and opportunities of growth, a thing that each of the specialists seeks to accomplish. One can be a Human Resource Manager of a facility or a consultant in private personal business as well as human resource advisor to the other corporate managers charged with the human resource welfare. The roles are varied according to the post one holds as well as the overall corporate level and size (Wright, 2011). For an international corporation for instance, the roles of the human resource manager are heavier when compared to the locally based organization. Some of the roles that human resource personnel do on daily basis as well as generally include that of employment and conscription whereby one is involved in the recruitment, after the interviewing and taxing of the viability of the individuals for the roles they are supposed to play on top of coordinating the temporally laborers.

The expert is as well supposed to take care of the training and development of the human resources through conduction of the orientation programs and the management of employee performance in addition to the working out on the respective skills more to the efficiency enhancement.

Other roles that the Human resource experts play includes that of compensating the employees through the administration of the better salaries and wages, formulation of the incentives and conducting the job evolutions. They too are charged of the other employee benefits such as the insurance vocational leave and retirement’s programs in addition to the coordinating of the workers services. These experts are also supposed to take care of the employees individual records the health and safety needs in addition to their involvement in the corporate strategic management.

The strategic role involves the development of human resource plans and strategies that are in line with the organizational strategies as well as integration of the HRM with the other socio-political changes and the overall management of the ventures (Urlich, 1996). He or she charged with the role is as well supposed to formulate the communication and other HRM policies and avail them to the workers when it is supposed to. More to it the human resource individuals are supposed to be involved in the organizational design in that they are supposed to analyze the work processes and propose the likely improvements where positive. They too manage changes, the company wellness, the industrial relations and career management. The roles are wide and broad and for a human resource expert to be able to handle them effectively he or she needed to be versatile and outstanding in many aspects. Being excited by challenges is my biggest weakness and I believe I have the capability to handle the demands of the sector in a way that is effective and realistic.

To qualify to a human resource expert of anything related to it, there are educational qualifications that each of the candidates should be in possession of. More so, the Human resource role revolves around for main responsibilities of being the Human resource premeditated associate and HR campaigner as well as the HR administration expert and the employee Human resource advocate (Kahnweiler & Kahnweiler, 2005).

The academic qualifications for one to be a Human resource expert involves the possession of ordinary Human resource training in degree level as well as the advanced academic certification such has having a masters degree in the field. It also requires one to be in possession of professional training such as being a certified human resource consultant.

Engaging myself in the Human resource sector after graduating from high school would be the best decision for me. This is because the High school syllabus gives me the necessary course training that is able to see me through the expertise. To get to the sector in a better way, I should advance in the area of specialization for my college studies and if possible take the same related course for my university studies. I would as well undertake professional training in the field as well. Personality skills will well be acquired in the process in addition to the incorporation of styles of leadership in the area of specialization.



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