Free Essay Sample «Ethical Dilemma»

«Ethical Dilemma»

It is not a secret to anyone that human relationships is one of the most complicated topics for a discussion. Life often proposes us various difficult situations, some of which are almost impossible to solve correctly. Each of the solutions inevitably lead to new problems and unpleasant moments. According to Flamand [2012], situations without any morally tolerable solutions are named ethical dilemmas.

One of such insoluble problems appeared in my life recently. I received a strange e-mail from an unknown person. After reading the text I understood that I was put in an awkward position. The letter included information about my friend and her fiance. Namely, the sender stated that the above mentioned young man was dishonest with my friend and dated with another girl at the same time. What is more, I was asked to deliver this message to my friend. I could either tell my friend or ignore the letter and keep it in secret. Eventually, only two possible ways out seemed to be equally incorrect, so I made much efforts to avoid both of them.

First of all, I carefully considered the consequences of both solutions. If I decided to disregard the received e-mail and to behave as if nothing had happened, this would only postpone the problem. In addition, if the letter was true, the information would become known sooner or later. My friend would never forgive me not telling her the bitter truth. This would mean deceiving her.

However, if I decided to tell my friend the bad news, it would most likely lead to break of their relationships. I did not want to become a judge to the young man's behavior and a reason for their break. What is more important, I was not sure that the information was true and I was at risk of becoming a kind of a scandalmonger. A famous folk proverb [2012] says that lying and gossip are friends that go hand in hand. Eventually, delivering the message to my friend could also mean deceiving her.

What I did next, was looking for any other possible solutions that would seem more tolerable. At the same time, my task was to find out if the information was true. After the considerations, I decided to reply to the letter and asked if a sender had indisputable facts and evidence or if it was just someone's conjecture. I was also surprised by the fact that such a deal needed an additional mediator. However, I was explained that the sender did not have the contacts of my friend. Knowing that, I decided to give an electronic address of my friend to the mysterious sender and let them communicate in person.

It needs to be said that giving out some personal information of my friend without her agreement was also morally incorrect. Nevertheless, this new dilemma seemed to be easier for me, as long as the solution was less harmful. If that secret person really wanted to tell something to my friend, he or she now had an opportunity to do so.

Actually, I am not sure if my friend received any letter, but she is still dating with her boyfriend and seems to be happy with him. Most probably, the mysterious sender did not have any proof and was just an envious gossip. To sum up the situation, it should be said that dealing with the relationships of other people is one of the most complicated moral tasks. Only a love pair or a family can decide what to do and solve their conflicts. Outside advice and help are not useful and often even harmful, especially when such external consultants have lack of information.



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