Free Essay Sample «Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the United States»

«Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the United States»

Drug and alcohol abuse is a major problem in the United States. Misuse of alcohol and other drugs is termed substance abuse. Normally, those who abuse drugs and alcohol know that it is expensive to use them. Furthermore, substance abuse has led to breakdown of many families and loss of lives. However, it is important to remember that substance abuse is a condition that, if one has, he or she needs to seek medical help.

Drug and alcohol abuse is of personal significance to me as I recently lost my uncle jimmy in a fatal accident due to drunk driving. Uncle Jimmy was very close to me and His death has had a huge impact on me. My cousins and aunt have lost a dad and this was due to reckless driving. Uncle jimmy was not only an alcoholic but also abused other drugs like marijuana. His family is still in trauma after his death. From his death, I have learnt the effects and sadness that drug abuse can bring to a family and friends. Had uncle jimmy not abused drugs and alcohol, everyone would still be happy as we used to be.

Uncle Jimmy is just one of the more than 100,000 thousands Americans who loose their lives in drug and alcohol abuse. Teenagers between the ages of 12 to 17 are on the forefront of misusing alcohol leading to road accident that robs our nation of its young lives. This has become a national catastrophe leading to the government laying down strict rules and regulations concerning drug abuse and drug trafficking. Those who violate these laws are prosecuted and imprisoned for life or face long jail terms without a fine.

Misuse of alcohol may lead to unprotected indulgence in sexual acts leading to unwanted pregnancies and increased risk of contracting HIV and AIDS, which is a great pandemic worldwide. So many people have become ill due to substance abuse leading to the decline in economy of the United States as these people cannot work to improve the economy. Other antisocial behaviors like sexual assaults, crime and violence might occur due to the effects of substance abuse

Alcohol intoxification has various symptoms this includes blackouts, personality disorders, body shakes, excessive drinking in order to remain high and body shakes. Most alcoholics have problems at school, work, and home and can be imprisoned for illicit brew. Alcohol dependence causes severe withdrawal syndrome like hallucination, wavering and delusion. This effect can be fatal in the long run.

The United States government has set up rehabilitations centres and medical care for those with substance abuse related complications. Drug abuse involves use of prohibited substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc. Furthermore, some people abuse both prescribed and non-prescribed. In united state, about 40% adults use illegal drugs in their life time. Most people get addicted and this becomes hard for them to leave the habit and as a result end up losing their lives from drugs and alcohol usage. I would personally urge everyone to curb drug usage as well as alcohol usage among the people to avoid unnecessary lose of life like my Uncle Jimmy.



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