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«Difficult Experience »

My life has not been a walk in the park as it is for most people; rather, it has been a maze of thorns since I was young. Firstly, my parents bore me and brought me to this world. Both of them were married but to different spouses. At a young age, my mother was married by a mean man by the name James. James used to beat everyone at home; my mom, my brothers, sisters and myself. When I was only three years old, James broke my jaw. When I was five years, they divorced, and my mum remarried, Danny, an upright but mean guy. Danny left us after two years, and my mom was left alone to take care of us, together with a mentally disturbed cousin of ours.

At the age of seven, we had to move to live with my uncle in a different city. The uncle was never interested in our welfare nor that of our cousin. However, he ensured that we never slept hungry at any time; and that was all that my family needed. However, my mum was always stressed. By then, I was in second grade. At this time, my mother fell ill, doctors said it was post-traumatic stress disorder. At this time, my older siblings, because of our problems, had resulted to taking drugs. Nobody was there to take care of my mother when she was sick. At eight year old, I was forced to miss 50 school days to take care of my mum.

Better days were ahead for us. My mother got well and later got a job at a local hotel. Being a hardy worker, she got promotions, and she could now be able to take care of us. I was able to finish high school, and got admitted for college education. That was all I aspired to do; to get a quality education, so that one day, I could be the light of our family. However, after finishing college, I could not get a job; that was where my problems started again.

I turned to drugs. At a tender age of 17 years, I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). However, I can now say that, out of tremendous professional help, and support, coupled with a strong personal will, I was able to overcome my troubles.

Growing up, I went through traumatic events as early as when I was only two. I was abused physically, sexually, spiritually and mentally. I was abandoned, terrorized, tortured and neglected. There were dozen perpetrators that were making my life difficult; my ‘troubled’ family, drug smoking, alcoholism etc. However, I got better with time. At 18 years, I put myself up for therapy. Through Alcoholism, I quit alcohol at 19; the same year I quit smoking drugs. I was smoking and drinking to run away from my problems and reality, but I now face them head on; whatever the type and magnitude of the problem.

At 19, I started having memories of my troubled childhood. I admitted myself to a psychiatric hospital where I was again diagnosed with PTSD. I have now fully recovered; I have come to accept the realities of my childhood, discovering that there is nothing I can do now to change it; I just have to keep pushing ahead, hoping to make a bright future for myself.

I can now relate with people undergoing traumatic events as I have; I can help them move ahead with their lives the same way I have done.



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