Free Essay Sample «About My Son»

«About My Son»

In my family, Pablo is our only child. He is a kind and bubbly little boy. He is a very charming boy and is always keen to learn and discover new things around him everyday. At a tender age, Pablo valued his attendance in Barnard Toddler Center for two years. During this period, he attained significant milestones in his life. Pablo became capable of parting from his mom for some hours. He also became very social and empathetic. Pablo enjoyed his interaction with the big city during his trips to the center. He became aware of the big trucks, water tanks, and taxis. He usually enjoyed counting them. Still, Pablo began to notice the different construction of buildings, churches, and parks in the city. Pablo was beginning to get more familiar with the city he was born in.

Naturally, Pablo is a very sociable child. He likes playing friendly and quiet games with other children. He is always kind and willing to share even his newest and dearest toys with the other children. Pablo is an active child who enjoys playing with other children in the playground. At the playing field, the big climbing structures with slides highly entice him. He enjoys going up and down countless times. During the year-end family union in Bahamas, Pablo was not left out in the group of his cousins. He joined them in games such as jumping in waves and building castles. He also enjoyed feeding the sheep of a nearby farmer. Pablo is an active child who likes being highly involved in the activities around him.

Since Pablo was a toddler, he enjoyed stargazing, collecting leafs and stones for his own collections, watching the frog’s life cycle, and picking flowers for his mom during summer. Pablo was fascinated by nearly everything in the countryside. He was always curious about things around him such as the sunset, butterflies, dandelions, and the moon. Pablo loves learning about himself and his environment. During this summer, Pablo is determined to learn riding his bicycle. He is also interested in learning how to swim with the aid of dad and grandma Abi. Pablo is a kid who highly believes in himself, and he shows it when learning new activities. When learning to swim and ride, he keeps convincing himself that he can do it. His dad and grandmother have intense patience with him. He has in-built self-drive that makes him pursue something that fascinates him. Pablo shows a character that does not easily give up. He is very persistent in learning new things. Pablo has developed language skills which he uses effectively. He is capable of comprehending simple conversations and instructions. He engages in conversation with the people around him comfortably. Pablo talks well enough to be understood with no contextual clues. He is bilingual, because he speaks both Spanish and English. He has learnt Spanish through his parents who are native speakers of Spanish.

Pablo loves going out in the city especially visiting the zoos and parks. He likes watching and learning about the varied animals. He also has a special interest in visiting the museums. Pablo has a unique admiration for the sculptures in the museum. His special attraction for sculptures drove him into creating his own sculptures using magnet stones and paper. Clearly, he was very inspired by the carvings in the museum. Pablo is a very creative child. His creation of the unique sculpture illustrates his level of creativity. Moreover, Pablo is very empathetic and is always ready to help to the best of his capability. He loves helping to brush the family’s two English bulldogs named Pepe and Tita. He also loves playing around with them especially the fetch games daily. He has managed to develop a close relationship with the dogs. Generally, Pablo is a pleasant and very cooperative kid. He enjoys helping his mother to beat the eggs in preparation of an omelet. Commonly he does not have a problem taking breakfast before attending school. Pablo enjoys helping mum water the plants at the backyard. He also enjoys helping in other ways especially cleaning up the two dogs.

Pablo loves reading different books. He has shown an intense concern in reading activities. He loves reading or listening to stories before he retires to bed. He is very keen on listening to stories read aloud to him. Pablo has a sharp memory, because he can easily retell a story. He is capable of using pictures to communicate certain notions. Pablo has learnt how to use scribbled pictures, letter-like symbols, and shapes to portray certain ideas. He has a clear image of the alphabetic order. He is able to differentiate between uppercase letters and lowercase letters. He identifies the different numbers in the number concept. Pablo has a tendency of counting things around him. He is capable of recognizing different simple patterns and other objects. Pablo learns best through hands-on experiences but not through memorizing. He tries imitating to draw simple patterns learnt in the class. As he draws them, he gets to understand them well and will not forget easily.

As Pablo’s parents, we appreciate schools that strive for academic merit. We believe that Pablo should be associated with a school that aims at academic excellence, will cultivate his self-motivation, and encourage questioning. We are very confident about his drive to learn, and it is clear that he would still excel in many educational settings. However, we are certain that an education background that motivates experimentation, originality, and questioning will mould our child in every aspect. We are interested in school that encourages open-mindedness among the students. It should be a school that teaches its students to keep being critical minded and eager to learn. Our school of interest should be capable of encouraging children to learn at their own pace, experiment, and create their individual interests and talents. It is important to realize that children are talented uniquely. We are also looking for a school that motivates children to realize and participate in their community. It is very important to help them acknowledge the importance of helping people around them. Through helping, children get to familiarize with adults and learn the ways of relating with them. They should realize the importance of respecting adults.



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