Free Essay Sample «Philosophy of Nursing»

«Philosophy of Nursing»

I am very interested in the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree in nursing and become a family nurse practitioner. I strongly believe that while being a student, I can bring a lot of benefits to my university as well as to the whole community.

Care of people is a live embodiment of the divine character and love; consequently, we should highly appreciate it. “If only attention and care were enough, any person could be a nurse” - these words were written in the university’s advertisement published in 1990 about the recruitment on the medical nursing department. Nursing care is a challenging profession; it is a science about the provision of some elementary medical and preventive actions, for example, injections, medical tests, pulse control, and care for the patients. A nurse plays a key role in the medical and public assistance to the advanced age people, to patients with incurable diseases, health education, organization of the educational programs; and propaganda of a healthy way of life.

A professional nurse should correspond in a greater degree to the needs of population, instead of to the requirements of a health care system. A nurse should be transformed to a well-educated professional, an equal partner, to work independently with population, as well as promoting strengthening of a society’s health.

The profession of nurse is very hard, but awarding at the same time. Of course, the award has nothing to do with a financial remuneration. A spiritual award is the best praise for a professional nurse. I want to become a professional family nurse, who will understand all the obligations and to foresee all the possibilities of self-realization, which this profession suggests. Being a family nurse practitioner, I will be able to advance this profession by participating in public activities related to a family health care, or by serving in different medical committees and initiatives.

I put the goal to be as successful in my life as possible, and I confidently move towards it. It is difficult to praise oneself, but I can surely state that my life motto is “I want, I can, and I will do”. In me, you will find a curious personality as I am interested in everything around me; I want to know more and more, especially in the sphere of nursing; I want to bring something new to my life, as well as to the lives of people on the Earth.

Moreover, my capability to think creatively, to be adjusted to the changing circumstances, to react spontaneously, to do unexpected and risky deeds greatly influences my life. After all, people are afraid of uncertainty, because they are not sure that they can react and behave correctly; they are not sure they will cope with it. The ability to be creative is very important for me, as it is not easy to be new and extraordinary every day, not easy, but really captivating. The only thing I need is to be educated in order to fulfill my plan, I need to have a master’s degree in nursing, which will expand my horizon. It will give me the knowledge, which I am eager to obtain.

I am a highly motivated, goal-oriented, pro-active team-worker, obtain organizational and time-managing skills; I am also sociable, responsible, disciplined, and punctual. I would like to succeed in the sphere of nursing. I do hope you will let me have the opportunity to receive a master’s degree in nursing. I am looking forward to meeting with you and discussing my qualifications and trainings in more details. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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