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To begin, nursing plays an integral role in the daily lives of countless individuals. Nursing as defined by the International Council of Nurses is, “The profession of practice of providing care for the sick and inform.” Populations around the world, and in particular Japan, are aging quite rapidly. Baby Boomers, individuals born between 1946 and 1964 are reaching retirement age as they too become older. As this demographic age, they will typically become more prone to sickness or other forms of detrimental illnesses. As such, the importance of nursing in the coming years will be even more profound.

Nursing as a practice is deeply entrenched in societies around the world. They are indeed, “Angels with a stethoscope.” We have all encountered an individual who has suddenly become gravely ill and subsequently needed assistance. This assistance can be a drain on both the sick and those that care for the sick. If you have not encountered this emotional stress, consider yourself both lucky and fortunate to have escaped the perils that accompany illness. Nursing, in one form or another, helps abate these feelings of hopelessness and accountability that occur during periods of confusion. Not only are they knowledgeable about specific sicknesses and the nuances that accompany them, but they are also very good communicators. Communication is imperative in many respects as individuals seek closure within the context of an uncertain world. Nurses help to facilitate a healthy exchange of both concepts and notions to an already emotional individual. This is quite important as the nurse can help guide decisions that will ultimately be precursors to very contentious decisions on the part of the care giver. Furthermore, communication is important within the context of the information age we are currently experiencing. Nurses provide truth and clarity, when on many occasions, the information individuals garner is far from the truth. Individuals are predisposed to quick information at the expense of truth and clarity. The nursing profession helps mitigate this by providing information that can literally help save lives.

Nursing also provides an extra layer of security against our own fallacies and misconceptions. In many instances it is not the environment, but our own doing that causes many of the sicknesses we experience. Our eating habits, our inactive lifestyles, our desire for conveniences all contribute to our poor health. The nursing profession is needed to handle all these epidemics as more individuals become sick due to a lifestyle that is a detriment to their own health and wellbeing. Each year in America, more individuals are losing their lives from obesity related illnesses. Strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and obesity all contribute to millions of deaths a year. What is so disheartening is that all these deaths can be prevented through simple lifestyle adjustments. This is why the nursing profession is so important. They have the specialized knowledge to help prevent millions of deaths a year. This profession, single handedly can help save lives every single day with their knowledge and experience. Without them, who knows what perils await society in regards to their health and wellbeing. As such, nurses are important to the overall function of society and without them countless lives will be lost.



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