Free Essay Sample «Mental Health Nursing»

«Mental Health Nursing»

Why do you want to be a mental health nurse?

The biggest reason I’m into mental health nursing is that I want make changes in people’s lives. Mental health nurses help those poor people who do not realize what they do or talk about and who often do not have anyone to talk to. Helping this people to be in the world and support them when there are few people to support is a something which I find a morally rewarding experience. Home treatment, eating disorders, caring about mothers and babies, and assertive outreach are just some of the areas I will be involved in. And what I really want is to provide care in such a way that it leaves not only my patients but also families, carers, and friends satisfied.  Besides, I want to become a mental health nurse since I find this direction in my nursing career more interesting and diverse from the professional perspective than other branches of nursing.

Why should we consider you above others?

I’m a passionate medical specialist with invaluable hands-on experience in the field of mental nursing gained through voluntary work in a local psychiatric hospital. I am goal-oriented, highly motivated, well-versed in both nursing theory and practice, and I have decided to devoted my whole life to this very career. Besides, I am a quick learner, an excellent communicator, and a good team-player. So my becoming a part of the university community will bring benefits not just to me as a future mental health care professional, but also to the university community and the whole mental health industry in the UK.



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