Free Essay Sample «Investigation into Current and Future Prospects of Registered Nurses»

«Investigation into Current and Future Prospects of Registered Nurses»

It is the desire of every person to have a good and vibrant health. However, in a world full of so many dangers, sometimes it is easier to find that accidents happen and good health is not assured. The assurance that whenever a patient walks into or is taken into a hospital, there will be someone on the wait to assist them seems somehow encouraging. People need good and proper care to restore them to health once they have undergone through a catastrophe or have fallen ill. This research paper will seek to investigate the various undertakings that go down once that door to the emergency room is opened. To this regard, the primary area of focus will be on the roles and prerogatives of the registered nurses in the hospital for special surgery. It will illuminate the different roles that these nurses play in the running of the hospital, the challenges faced by these nurses, and ascertain their viability by exploring their current demand as well as the prospective future demand for their services. This report also examines the development of a job description and outlines the recruiting and selection process.

Hospital for Special Surgery

Hospital for special surgery (HSS) is a hospital that has specialty in orthopedic surgery and treatment of rheumatologic related affiliations. HSS also deals with spine surgeries, knee cap surgeries, and other types or related surgeries. Orthopedic surgery is surgery that is concerned with cure of illnesses associated to the musculoskeletal system. There are quite a number of affiliations under the musculoskeletal system bracket ranging from sports medicine, shoulder and knee, and elbow injuries. In the last one decade, HSS have grown in leaps and bounds as a result of increased musculoskeletal affiliations. More and more people are finding the services offered at such hospitals important and crucial.

The availability of registered nurses in HSS hospitals is equally important in ensuring that patients get the relevant attention and treatment that is important in helping them to regain their normal health. Moreover, registered nurses at HSS play a very vital role in making sure that the services at such special facilities are smoothly and efficiently administered. The nurses undergo specialized training to enable them handle the stresses allied to their work with the kind of agility that is required of them. The nurses also perform various roles and responsibilities that are assigned to them by the doctor such as conducting treatment plans, conducting triages, assisting and aiding patients with their needs, documenting and preserving of patients’ records, and prepping patients for surgery. In addition, nurses have extra roles in the HSS hospitals which are assigned to them from time to time. The roles include administration of intravenous drips to patients, giving solace and hope to patients by treating them courteously and professionally, maintaining the confidentiality on the affairs and conditions of the patients, and monitoring the conditions of patients to establish whether the treatment being offered is helping them.

Consequently, as workers in a demanding environment, nurses are confronted with various challenges in their work which they have to deal with occasionally. Challenges such as the prioritization of affiliations dilemma, offering incorrect medication, long working hours, and low remuneration are a common occurrence in the work of nurses in HSS hospitals. As such, it is important for a hospital to hire a nurse who is qualified to deal with such challenges because the environment itself guarantee that the person working in it be prepared to face the challenges. As a result, hospitals that deal with special cases must have a clear job description for nurses in order to ensure that the person who is hired to work as a nurse meets the objectives of the hospital, which include providing better services to the patients besides making profits at the end of the year.

Nurses Total Compensation Package

With the indication that the demand for registered nurses is increasing, compensation for the nurses needs to be streamlined with the work they perform in the special hospitals. The components of total compensation package include the basic pay, perks, free housing, insurance, stock options and payments in kind. The attractive pay package from the employers is meant to retain the employees who are on high demand. Good package is also instrumental in assisting the hospital to avoid costs such as employee turnover and decrease in company’s productivity. Moreover, a good remuneration scheme motivates such employees to develop their overall performance. This is because of the perceived good intention from the hospital. Nurses should be offered good total compensation packages as they sacrifice much of their time and effort in ensuring that quality services are availed to the patients.  Some nurses also attend to their patients the whole day and they therefore need motivation through good total compensation packages. Several factors determine the level of pay that each nurse gets. These factors include the experience, level of education, and the total time that a nurse is on duty.

The nursing industry has adopted the pay for performance incentive as a policy guiding the paying of nurses. Nevertheless, there are critics who argue that paying nurses on this premise is a recipe for backstabbing as nurses will tend to compete with each other for increased pay package and this is likely going to undermine the quality of services that they offer. Furthermore, they argue that it is unethical for nurses to be given incentives in order to enable them improve their performance. This is because it is the duty of all nurses to provide care to patients. In addition, this payment policy makes a hospital incur additional costs. Hospitals will be required to acquire new technology in order to improve the performance of nurses. In addition, they will require new training and documentation procedures in order to implement pay for performance policy effectively.

Job Description for Registered Nurse

Because of the diversity of the roles and duties that registered nurses are expected to perform in hospitals, it is important for them to have a clear job description as a way of avoiding conflicts and confusion at their place of work. Clearly defined roles in job descriptions for nurses will help in documenting each employee’s roles and responsibilities thus assist the hospital to make informed decisions in regard to each employee’s contribution to the organization. Additionally, suitable steps should be employed while recruiting and selecting qualified personnel to ensure that only fitting nurses are hired.  Every step need to be successfully implemented to make sure the selected person meets the criteria provided as per the job description. The success of an organization is largely dependent on the kind of personnel it has in lieu of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. A well designed job description should thus cover areas like job objective, basic functions, essential duties and responsibilities, additional duties and responsibilities, education, experience, language skills, mathematical skills, reasoning ability, certificates, licenses, registrations, and physical demands. A further area of concern for nurses is the performance management that hospitals need to invest in. For instance, the planning, coaching, and review of roles and responsibilities that nurses perform is very vital in improving the quality of services provided by nurses.

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In conclusion, nurses play an important role in helping patients in hospitals. Instead of facing them out, the government should face the reality of giving them a compensation package that reflects the work that they do. However, this should also be in line with their experiences, qualification, and education level. The hospital need to have a well defined job description to ensure that nurses perform their work as expected. This can be done through performance management encompasses processes like coaching, planning, and reviewing the roles of nurses.



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