Free Essay Sample «Healthcare and Nursing»

«Healthcare and Nursing»

The nursing profession has been changing since the technological boom of the 21st century. Some of the changes that have been taking place reflect the ability of the world to move from analogue systems to digital systems. In the field of nursing, machines and other technologies have been employedto ease the tasks and to guarantee quality services. Within my workplace, technological changes have taken place around the setting. However, the biggest change has occurred in the information systems sector. In nursing, research is a vital tool that requires employment in order to stay in touch with the dynamic world. The information sources that used to exist formerly included physical libraries or office based encyclopedias of nursing. The major change has not replaced these materials; it has diversified the number of sources and increased the ease of finding information and dispensing it. Considering that, physical libraries involve tiresome activity of finding information manually while at the same time going through numerous volumes to locate the information; the information systems’ changes have included information databases that can be accessed via a computer or any other digital devices. The advantage of this change is that information can be found with ease to save time and deliver quality service due to high level of relevance.

In the United States of America, health care law continues to be controversial due to a number of reasons. The fact that the ‘U’ in the abbreviation USA means United is the primary concern of many people regarding the differing laws of various states. In this case, it has been noted that many states of the US do not practice the same law and policies differ considerably from one legislative setting to another. Therefore, the cause of the controversy in this case can be traced back to the practice of differing law within the same nation and affecting the same sector. The health law of the United States is termed controversial because of the major health disparities that users of health insurances have been subjected to. For example, different states apply different policies on who is legible for health care coverage. Considering there are people with the ability to cover for their healthcare and others with difficulties, the insurance companies set a big drift between these groups hence limiting the chances of one group. Health care insurance in the USA does not cover for pre-existing conditions and the insurance companies have the upper hand in rejecting applications. In this regard, the law, under the new Affordable Care Act has promised a change in the health care platform by scrapping the insurance companies’ trend of rejecting application for users with pre-existing conditions. On the other hand, the question of affordability is bothersome to a majority of interested parties; under the Affordable Care Act, one policy should be legible to cover children until they reach 26 years of age and will allow coverage for children below 19 years with pre-existing conditions.

Reflecting on a Classmates Posting

By reviewingsome of the postings made by my classmates, I learned that the USA state of the law takes the concerns of its citizens seriously but the government may be playing double standards. This is because some of the clauses of the Affordable Care Act are not applicable currently, and will not until the year 2014. If a critic analyses this timeframe, he/she would not fail to notice that the Democrats might be using this plan as campaign mechanism for a re-election. With the nature of the Act and the period allowed until its maturity, it means that, it may never come to fruition if a government that does not share the same views as the current Democratic government, is voted into office. 



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