Free Essay Sample «Family Nurse Practitioner Admission Essay»

«Family Nurse Practitioner Admission Essay»

In the course of my initial year of undergraduate study at the University of Nevada, a professor explained me an important – and unusually grammatical – approach to nursing training. The goal of schooling, he stated, is to carry out one matter: offer the human an extra letter, that is “e” in particular, to turn the human into humane. This kind of uncomplicated, but powerful, statement remained with me all the way through my undergraduate studies, and it continues to be with me even now, as I go along my professional path in medical realm.

At this point, following years of profound nursing experience in Trauma Intensive Care Units at medical centers in North and South Carolina, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas, and for the past two years functioning as a supervising nurse/cosmetic injector at Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates, Henderson, NV and a perioperative nurse at Las Vegas Regional Surgery Center, this approach keeps driving my aspiration to take my professional calling even farther. I am applying for the Family Nurse Practitioner program for this very purpose.

This kind of an advanced degree is the single target of my professional pursuit, and it can be considered as the subsequent and predictable stage in my vocation. I am completely positive that I will offer the Nurse Practitioner Program all it demands from me, to ensure that I can demonstrate in my work all what this Program offers me. While participation in the program will definitely be personally rewarding to me, I also look forward to the better patient results it will aid me to attain. This is precisely the sort of training I am prepared for, to be able to emphasize the “e” in the humane occupation in which I am privileged to function.

Regarding my nursing practical experience, I cannot overemphasize how important it has been and continues to be for my professional and individual progress in supplementary ways. I believe that this is a critical element to growing as a nurse, since the most beneficial work stems from the fulfillment that the work can naturally offer.



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