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«Community Health Nursing»

Community health is a dynamic of every community and is inclined to the perspective of where and how the inhabitants exist, work and tackle the health care services. Community Health should be accessible to all in spite of race, faith and social economic status. According to Nies & McEwen (2001), a population focal point involving an evaluation of the community is a key tool used in order to expand planning, interventions, and assessment for the community at large. In an attempt to uphold the health needs contained in a community, a successful community health nurse must center on the whole community. For this to be accomplished the Community Health Nursing makes use of a systematic approach to find out what are the health wants for the community.

This paper will examine Fort Bend County in Texas. Fort Bend County has over 600,000 thousand people in terms of population. Fort Bend is a county situated next to the Gulf Coast area in the U.S. state of Texas in the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan district. Presently Fort bend is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States. The population consist of 40% White Americans which is the highest population percentage, followed by Hispanic 18%, non-Hispanic white 17.5%, Black Americans 15%, Asia Americans 15%, Native Americans 0.1%, and individual from all other races made up of 14.3%.When it comes to the economic demographics, around 20% of the population is considered in poverty (Caring for the Public's Health, 2009).

The county currently has two medical centers, the Texas Medical and the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center to cater for all the health needs.

Around 22,785, estimating to around 8.1% are listed as unemployed, as opposed to 541,949 thousand employed (Selected Economic Characteristics: June2011, 2011). What is alarming is the shortage of information on health insurance from the survey website. This is contributed by the lack of a restructured system in providing information on the state of health insurance in the county. Health insurance is considered an important service, since some members of a community may have insufficient healthcare.


Based on the statistics of Fort Bend county, 5% deficiency figure shows that most  people are expected to get enough healthcare; Around 158,000 are listed as unemployed, as opposed to the over 500,000 thousand employed (Selected Economic Characteristics: June 2011, 2011)..

Of concern is the lack of statistics on health insurance from the Census website. While this may indicate merely lack of updated information on the state of health insurance in the county, this continues to be an important issue. Health insurance is considered an important service, since some members of a community may have inadequate healthcare. Despite the expectation that people are supposed to afford healthcare on their own, many factors contribute to healthcare remaining difficult to access for some member of the community.

A research by use of focus groups, epidemiology data information from different organizations,and surveys was conducted to assess the health needs and risks in fort bend county that affects the community. The four areas of interest were the communities’ population economic status, Community safety Inventory, cultural assessment tool, and disaster assessment and planning guide (Medical Community health nursing: promoting the health of populations, 2001).

The Community Health Population Economic Status uses the assumption that the demographics of an locale is linked to its health state. For instance, people in poverty are assumed to have poor access to healthcare. While easing poverty is a needed step, it is not in the bounds of healthcare. However, the rules and procedures in providing healthcare can be changed depending to the needs of the community. This assessment deals with the socio-demographic and financial aspects affecting the health and value of life of the community. In fort Bend, the health center works to collect, examine, and evaluate public health information to depict population health condition, and plan on how to progress public health results. The epidemiological data from the health department indicated a decrease of morbidity and a rise in mortality from 50% to 70% starting from 2009 up to date. (Medical Community health nursing: promoting the health of populations, 2001).

Community Safety Inventory in Fort bend was also put up for assessment. In terms of neighborhood and community safety, Fort bend County is quite safe.The residents, leaders, and security personnel work together to ensure the safety and well being of each and every person. Because of this collaboration the rate of crime considerably came down.

Safety measures applied in Fort bend have proven to be effective since the level of crime has decreased. The county ensures that it is able to recognize and capture possible dangers before they manifest as disasters by adapting a safety culture.

Every community has its own Culture: a way of life and customs. Fort Bend County consists mainly of Asian Americans. Each individual and family unit has rights to receive equal health services regardless of their culture. The community is encouraging the transformation in health of its residents by working together with individuals, families, and organizations which as a result shapes the whole community. Nevertheless the culture of each group may influence associations between people and in the long run have an effect on access to healthcare. This has been a concern recently raised by some black people. The county has a website page used by the residents to search for healthcare services. The system is run by the hospital, which ensures that it gives prompt feedback for any query they receive from those seeking medical services. Based on this, it is clear that there is no major problem affecting the health system,

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Disaster Management facilities in the region remain ample for current needs. Its filled with potential. Thus far another feature of disaster management services is how well they carry out prevention initiatives. This applies to avertable emergencies such as fires. Enforcement of infernos and building codes carries on to be a major focus of the department. Some needs are altering with the current socio-economic happenings that are affecting establishments and populace alike. Thus, there is the call for to look at the existing healthcare system and make modifications to make certain that healthcare is prearranged to where it is needed. Equally, an endeavor should be made to cover the nursing condition in the county, to guarantee that the nursing services for those who require them are sufficiently provided.

Based on the above assessment, it is clear that the Fort Bend community is set to uphold, conserve, and promote health of its people by providing information through training, and providing adequate health care services to the people. This is shown by the reduction of numbers in mortality rate. Information gathered from survey held and focus groups conducted show that the level of community health care services provided and the length the people are willing to go to ensure that safety and disaster planning management is effective.

There are clear indications of a decrease on death rate from 40% reported previously to the current 10% starting from the year 2009.Birth rates have exceedingly increased with children born without any defects or serious complications. Out of every 10 children given birth 90% of them lead full lives up to adult hood.

Forts bend County Genogram Interpretations

As illustrated in the Genogram below, the county is inhabited by the white, followed by Asian Americans, and blacks. Based on the Department of State Health Services, Center for Health Statistics, it was shown that 70% of death in Harris County is as a result of accidents. A survey conducted between 2007 and 2010, showed that Black Americans were the most affected by heart disease as compared to White and Asians; Asians had the least percentage rate. Black Americans also have the biggest number of mortality rate with other diseases such as cancer and stroke. Moreover, more women experienced a range of kinds of cancer as contrasted to women. Based on the data, Fort bend County can financially support and can offer protection to its inhabitants; however, it is unable to control the death rate of its populace in which is brought about mainly by accidents and chronic diseases such as cancer, and stroke.



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