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Zeitoun is a non-fiction book that was written by Dave Eggers and it was published in 2009. The book tells a story of Abdulrahman Zeitoun and his wife Kathy and they own a contacting and a painting company situated in New Orleans, Dave E, 2010. Zeitoun decides to ride Katrina out in to his uptown residence. When the storm stopped, Zeitoun went to the city that had flooded and using a secondhand canoe, he rescued people, took care of the pets that had been left there and distributed fresh water in the area. The book is very important because it gives a true picture of the events that happened in America during that time.

Zeitoun uses appeals and canons both effectively and ineffectively. Eggers use the appeal of ethos well in his novel. He tries to bring himself to the readers as someone worthy to be listened to. This is because, he writes a simple novel that readers are able to read and he has let his story unfold quite well. The appeal of ethos is also used effectively in bringing out the kind of governance that America had at this time. The writer truthfully brings out the arrest and imprisonment of Zeitoun due to a simple mistake of ignoring the order of evacuation, Dave E, 2010. The story fails to have the appeal of ethos when we are told that rapists and murderers were considered more than those who had done other minor mistakes. The appeal of pathos is also used in the story well. This appeal involves incorporating the feelings of the reader while writing a book. Eggers has severally involved the emotions of the readers in his novel by showing his sympathy to Zeitoun. When we look at the way Zeitoun helped the people affected in the flood, as readers we feel good about him and we can associate with him Dave E, 2010. This appeal tells about the disaster that occurred in America and how the government responded to it. It was effectively used in the novel to ensure that other people learned about the incident and this would make them take care so that such a case does not recur. In addition the appeal of pathos is used effectively when we find that even after saving and assisting people after the hurricane, we get a lot of sympathy when Zeitoun is arrested. We wonder why he gets arrested even after the efforts he put in rescuing people. More so, the appeal of ethos here appears to be wrongly used when we learn that there are other people who stayed in the court for longer periods than Zeitoun and yet the author has given the readers an impression that it is Zeitoun who staid longer in the court. Logos is another type of appeal that is used in the novel Zeitoun. It is used to show the clarity of the claim that the author uses, its logic and how effectively the author shows evidence for it.

When Eggers talk about the storm in New Orleans, he shows evidence for the destruction that occurred and he shows us that Zeitoun is the one who saved the affected people (Dave E, 2010). The appeal of logic loses meaning when we are told that Zeitoun went to the whole country saving people using an old canoe. We start asking ourselves questions on how he could make to the whole country while using an old canoe. In addition, the capacity of a canoe is very small and this raises questions on whether this canoe would manage all the duties he performed during this exercise.

A canon is used to refer to the rules of doing something. In literature, canon can refer to style, arrangement and development of themes in a particular book. In the novel, Zeitoun, the author has used the canons of memory, style, invention, arrangement and delivery in various ways. The canon of invention because the way the story is developed is good and commendable. Eggers invented a story that is simple and understandable to any reader. Though the story is a non-fictional one, Egger has invented how to teal it to the readers. He tells is so well and this helps the readers to know the happenings of the past in their country. Through this story, he reveals the evils of the administration of those days without causing harm to any person. The canon of invention is well used in the development of the whole story Dave E, 2010.

Memory is another canon that has been well used in the book. Egger is able to recall all the happening of the time and this is what helps him tell this story. He clearly gives us the true picture of how it was after the hurricane and how Zeitoun helped and served the survivors. He also tells of the insensitivity of the administration where people arrested with greater mistakes were considered more than those with simpler mistakes. He also remembers that those arrested were not give the rights they deserved no matter the crimes they had done (Dave E, 2010).

The literary canon of style has well been utilized in the novel Zeitoun. The author uses a simple style that helps readers go through the text without difficulties. He has made use of simple language to explain the different events in the book. Flash backs is another style that the author uses to make the reader aware of things that happened long ago like the childhood of Zeitoun (Dave E, 2010). The events of the flood, the saving of people, animals and property are clearly brought out in the story through simple language. The simple style used by the author is important because it has helped the reader understand each and every event in the story. The author uses a powerful style of letting the readers make conclusions on their own about difficult situations like the arrest of Zeitoun.

The author of Zeitoun has also succeeded in the way he has arranged his work. The story is well developed and the events of the story have been allowed to flow well. The arrangement of the story is consistent throughout the novel and this helps the reader to understand it better. The delivery of this story is another canon that the author has used. He decided to give his story in prose and this shows the unfolding of the different events in the story.



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