Free Essay Sample «Review of Poetry from Post Colonial Perspective»

«Review of Poetry from Post Colonial Perspective»

Poetry has always been a platform for redress and a convenient way to react towards discourse inflicted by colonization. In such way, literature has since addressed the issues experienced by the people even after subjugation to the colonial rule. It is true that poetry was a critique for the colonial undertone. This literature provides a link between colonized persons and their colonial masters. In a poem, “A letter to a Future Generation,” Gwendolyn MacEwen pursues an unusual stand regarding the distinction on cultural and personal questions. In the poem, he insists on the need of the society to distance itself from the influences of the past. The poem holds a negative ground towards colonial history. He constantly reiterates on the need to abandon the vices inflicted by the colonial masters. In the overall message, one takes a picture of a typical urban society crumbling to overcome the confines of colonialism.

It is easy to perfectly relate the theme posed in the poem to the current society. The aftermath of colonization has been economic and cultural oppression. In the current society, intractable conflict is almost inevitable. The protracted conflict could be attributed to colonialism. Issues such as ethnicity had their roots from the colonial era. Sometimes, the society has to constantly consult with its former colonial master to address. This is an encumbrance towards democracy. Other social ruins inflicted by colonialism still bear a prominent scar in the society. This moral influence has imposed deviance to a considerable portion of the society. This leaves the society at the hiding in native identity. In his poem, Gwendolyn muses on the need to debunk colonial ties.

In the poem, Gwendolyn does not confine within criticism of postcolonial vices, but seeks to venture in providing a solution towards achieving individuality. She resolves that the society should not up hold its remnants of the past. This means that, it would be imperative to embrace individuality and seek autonomy from the former colonial masters. The current society has since struggled to be liberal in both economic and political undertakings. This is evident in the various democracies that have always amended their constitutions to hold loose of colonial ties. In the reader’s mind, the poem stirs individuality and personal identity.

It would be mindful to conclude by acknowledging Gwendolyn’s prowess in literature. Most importantly, the brilliant ideas and sentiments he poses to address neocolonialism. Taking considerable force to wager her talent in an influential writing, a society confined in neocolonialism should borrow her sentiments.



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