Free Essay Sample «WPP Reflective Paper: Corrective Measure for Juvenile Offenders»

«WPP Reflective Paper: Corrective Measure for Juvenile Offenders»


Juvenile offenders should have a properly planned and managed way of correction. Many times the juveniles have been denied the opportunity to be heard by the state courts. This practice may lead to unfair ruling on most cases. The American judicial system has a mandate to direct on the right corrective methods for the young offenders. The options could be a jail term, probation period or a house arrest. Whatever the direction of punishment, the decision must be legal and as fair as possible to all the parties involved. The judicial sector should always follow the law in deciding on juvenile cases; this would ensure that crime is dealt early in life.

The responsibility of the juvenile justice system is to give the most appropriate corrective measure to any juvenile offence. The correction should only be given to those that are convicted of the offences against them. In any society, a deviant behavior must be dealt for security and peace. In the American society, the mandate is with the legal system. For that reason, the juveniles have to be tried and punished as appropriate. The corrective measures for the young offenders should be different from that given to adults. However, the juveniles deserve very retributive measures to discourage the offenses. The judiciary system fulfills its duty by giving the most appropriate punishment.

The juvenile justice system must work in conjunction with other systems of government in order to achieve the intended results. The entities to partner with are the police, school administrations, local governments and rehabilitation centers. Without these collaborations, it would be difficult to effect the punishments to the juvenile offenders. It has been observed in the past that each entity has a stand on the effectiveness of the corrective measures. For each offence, therefore, the juvenile justice system should state the legal provisions and rationale. With the legal backup for every corrective measure, there would be support and, therefore, effectiveness.

The effectiveness of the corrective measures can be seen through the changes seen on the criminals involved. The measures include jailing, rehabilitation, probation, community services and alternative schooling. Each of them can be evaluated over time to find out how much the change has been realized on a convict. The usefulness of a measure depends on how strictly it is followed by the effectors and the juvenile offender. The juvenile behaviors include an escape from the rehabilitation centers and lack of interest to change. These are the factors that may render the punishments ineffective.

Juveniles can be involved in any form of crime from time to time. The criminals have been related to violent family backgrounds. This is a fact that has been for a long time in American society. The crimes about which the youngsters have been convicted include a murder, theft, rape and possession of illegal weapons among other things. This is the reason some of the juveniles return to their former lives even after their punishments. They go back to the same environments once released from a jail or probation. For this reason, the American judicial system should eradicate a juvenile crime to attain a future without security issues.


Punishing and rehabilitating the juveniles should go hand in hand. However, some offences need the rehabilitation more than punishment or other punitive measures. Such include rape and other correctable behavior that does not affect the security of others. Some of the offences may also be corrected by dealing with the set systems in a nation. Racial discrimination and social prejudice lead to low self-esteem among the youths. Many are the crimes that are closely linked to low esteem and poor parenthood. For this reason, many factors should be considered when deciding on a corrective measure for the juvenile offenders.



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