Free Essay Sample «The Health Consequences of Marijuana Legalization»

«The Health Consequences of Marijuana Legalization»

Currently, the debates over legalizing the so-called light narcotic, marijuana, flare up again. The opinion of the American citizens has been divided into two diametrically opposed camps: those, who ardently support the idea of marijuana legalization, and those, who regard such proposition as a manifestation of lawlessness.

The article “Legalizing of Marijuana Raises Health Concerns” by Roni Caryn Rabin deals with analyzing the consequences of cannabis legalization from the medical viewpoint. Thus, the author entirely focuses on the potential health risks associated with increased marijuana consumption linked to legalization of this substance. Summing up the latest medical researches and statistical estimations, Roni Caryn Rabin claims the legalization of marijuana is a risky undertaking that may damage the American citizens’ health seriously (2013).

It is not a secret that within the student community there is a perception that marijuana is the so-called harmless drug. Some even assert it is less dangerous that tobacco. Unfortunately, the given myth can be easily debunked. The condition of the supporters of such a quick relaxation testifies to the opposite. The dilated pupils, impaired ability to perform sequential operations, violated coordination, and increased heart rate – all these symptoms cannot be caused by a harmless drug. Moreover, it is difficult to believe that this seemingly innocent artificial raising of one’s spirits poses no danger to the human body.

The issue raised by Roni Caryn Rabin in his article resonates with me. Of course, it is tempting to think that some addictive substance can be safely used without affecting the human body. Still, even without resorting to the latest findings of scientific researches, my own experience testifies that depending on the strength of the substance and individual sensitivity, marijuana can cause a state of panic, anxiety, and even toxic psychosis. Therefore, after having taken a minuscule dose of the given drug, one participant of a grandiose student party screamed and begged everyone to save him from some invisible pursuers. Heart pain, excessive thirst, and depression were a price for the artificial happiness.

Consequently, it is meaningless to deny the obvious and turn a blind eye to the issue of legalizing marijuana, which, in fact, threatens the health of the nation.



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