Free Essay Sample «The Affordable Care Act and the Healthcare Crisis in the US»

«The Affordable Care Act and the Healthcare Crisis in the US»

Health care in the United States is granted by many diverse organizations. 60-65 of health care service and expenditure comes from programs such as Children’s Health Insurance Program, Medicare, and Medicaid. Nevertheless, most of the population under 65 is effected a policy of insurance by their or a family member’s employer, other acquire health insurance on their own, and rest are uninsured.

The USA is the only self-sufficient nation that does not have the general-purpose health care system. More than 40 million adults that they need health care, but receive only one or two medical service, for instance, some prescriptions, helping of the psychiatrist, professional dental care or eyeglasses, because they can not afford it. Medicaid is a health insurance program, which finances by the federal and state government to give health care for people with low income. A politician claims that half the cost of health care is indispensable. The government should exclude unnecessary care, the system covers sufficient resources.

The situation in America could change the law, which was signed by Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. This is the Affordable Care Act was a draft bill that was processed by the United States House of Representatives. The law comprises plenty positions, which must have taken effect several years ago. There are some new and improved positions for by insurance. Thanks to Barack Obama’s administration, the 111 Congress was devoted to the adoption of the reform in the United States’ health care system. There was much discussion of various offers to refine the whole system of health care. But unfortunately the Affordable Health Care for America Act did not become a real law. The House refused from the draft-law in favor to bring in some corrections to the law.



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