Free Essay Sample «Tax on Soda»

«Tax on Soda»

Why impose tax on soda? Soda is a drink that everyone is familiar with and sells everywhere regardless of whatever season it is. Many enjoy the feeling and satisfaction they get from consuming soda. Sodas come in different varieties and with different flavors. I think the idea of taxing soda is totally insane since much is lost with the imposition of taxation of soda. I am totally against the idea of taxing soda because it has got serious implications on health, economy, and social/political arena than the benefits got from the taxation idea.

Taxing soda brings about negative effects on health but indirectly. Imposing a tax on sodas makes the sellers and the manufacturers, increase the price they sell the sodas. The manufacturers increase the price of soda so that they are able to recover the amount they spend on paying for the tax. On the other hand, the sellers also increase the price to cover for transportation and taxes paid. As an effect of the rise in cost, the consumers are unable to enjoy the soda since with an increase in price; it becomes expensive to acquire the soda. Most people love to take soda just for pleasure and fun. Others take the soda so as to get the nutrients that sodas contain. The nutrients help build the body’s immune system, and doctors recommend sodas for sick patients when they feel hot and when they feel nauseated. The soda cools the body and drives away the nauseating feeling. Thus, imposing a tax on soda deprives many from accessing the sodas because of the high price. As a result, many who depend on soda for nutrients are unable to get the nutrients and hence, their health gets affected.

Imposing a tax on soda does not only have serious consequence on health, but also on the economy. Imposing a tax on soda affects the economy as it drives investors away from the country. Imposing tax means that investors are going to incur a lot in getting their sodas get established in a country. Many investors or rather, almost all struggle to get established, and imposition of tax becomes a barrier towards their establishment. Thus, tax on soda in a country leads to few investors and, as a result, affects the country’s economy and is likely to crumble as the tax that investors have to pay drives them away from the country. Jobs are also lost with investors fleeing away from the tax. Revenue is also lost since there are few enterprises set up to sell the sodas.

In addition to having negative impacts on health and economy, imposition of tax on soda has serious social/political effects. Imposition of tax on soda deprives people the freedom of selling sodas, wherever and whenever. One cannot start an enterprise of soda since they become liable to paying tax. This is a freedom issue and; thus, tax on soda curtails people the freedom of selling soda. Only those that have paid the tax and are willing to get taxed have the freedom of selling the sodas. Those not willing to pay cannot sell the soda as they are likely to face the law. It is the government’s responsibility to collect tax, and those collecting the tax might take advantage of the tax to enrich their selves, which is selfish.

Imposition of tax on soda has serious implications on health, economy, and political side of the country. I do not conquer with the idea of tax on soda as the effects are adverse than the benefits from imposing a tax. The adverse effects can only be done away with doing away by not imposing the tax.



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