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«Reiki and Oncology»


Recent theoretical concerns in medicine are more concerned with the usage of drugs to induce treatment at the expense of the therapeutic kinds of treatment. In a survey that was conducted, many doctors thought that the incorporation of therapy such as Reiki would facilitate the patients healing process due to the relaxation that it does create in a patient. Oncology as well should be extended to maximize the cancerous cells elimination in a patient even when the patients are sickly to levels that the medical practitioners feel that it shall terminate the patient live. The survey showed that between 40- 60 % of patients who receive the therapies recover from the illnesses faster than the rest. The undertaking of this research is then meant to test the truthfulness of Reiki and Oncology facilitating the healing process. It is meant to investigate whether the doctors will facilitate the usage of the therapeutic medical perspectives to enhance the healing process.


  1. Financial bottlenecks shall be the most critical drawback in the successful completion of the research and its effectiveness due to the costs that are associated with it.
  2. The responsiveness of the practitioners is expected to be average as opposed to the excellent responses from the doctors and the patients due to the understanding of the research objectives.
  3. Data collection and analysis methods shall be limited by options due to the qualitative nature of the research.


It is assumed that;

  1. The participants or the respondents shall not anticipate any inducements.
  2. The research shall be purely scholarly and nobody shall be expected to give their personalized views but the accepted facts and information.
  3. The respective institutions shall authorize the partaking of the research.

Literature review


The usage of Reiki and encological therapies in nursing is an issue that needs to be looked at and encouraged in the 21st century. Due to the two therapies roles in the healing process, their effectiveness and what they do has been a matter of concern and needed to be well looked at. In this research I have summarized at least ten possible sources of the related information to both Reiki and Oncology.


Reiki is a healing process that has origins from Japan. It is the act where the Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly on and on top of the patient aiming that it will facilitate their healing process (Zion, 2008). It is used in the United States as part of harmonizing and substitute medicine. It is used for various reasons which include the endorsement of the overall health and well being; this is where the people who are seeking reprieve from the syndrome related signs as well as the mitigation of the side effects after the conformist treatments that are medically based are forced to apply it to check on their implications (Nina, 2005).

Secondly, Reiki is applied in the historical point of view as the mode of self care. It is not an educationally based kind of treatment though in some instances it requires one to have formal common sense and knowledge to be able to effectively use it and benefit. There is no current working out and documentation for the people who practice it hence the kind of alternative medication is not formally regulated. Despite this there are logical researches  that undergoing to investigate the mode of work and the possible impact on health and healing process as well as the effect of its practice in the diseases and the possibility of the particular conditions that it is useful.

The practice of Reiki is traceable to the Japanese Mikao Sui teachings on the spiritual impacts during the 20th century unfolding. The Usui teachings were inclusive of the techniques on meditations as well as the healing process. This was later developed by one of the Usui students and it was based mostly on healing techniques as opposed to the meditative process skills. The process was later introduced to the westernized countries in the wee hours of 1930s.

The practice of Reiki is based on the assumption that there is a universal energy that is supportive of the body’s native therapeutic abilities (Nina, 2005). It is this energy that the practitioners of the matter tend to try to dig deep into and make it flow and facilitate healing.

A session on the therapy involves the client lying down or taking comfortable seat with full clothes on. The hands of the practitioner are then placed just above the client’s body and with the palms facing down. It incorporates between twelve and fifteen hand positions and each position has to be held up for two to five minutes until the person practicing it feels that the energy flow has come into a halt. The frequency is reliant on the recovery needs of the patient though practically, the practitioner advices on at least four sessions of between thirty and ninety minutes per session.

Reiki treatment is advantageous in many ways. It has the greatest advantage of having to reduce stress and facilitate relaxation of both body and soul. This is one of the vital elements that do trigger the innate body remedial process and it is as well linked to the improvement and maintenance of health. Healing through Reiki is a normal psychoanalysis that is associated with a balance of the body energies that is associated with the bringing of healthy wellbeing to the recipients (Usui, 1999).

 It is a simple and a non invasive healing system that together with the higher self of the person being delivered to makes the healing process that is related to the holistic, emotional as well as the psychic body. From this angle it can be seen as the synergy that does work towards the realization of both body and soul in addition to mind in the quest of promoting the wholesomeness of the healing process. Through just intension the energy can be made to circulate through the patient’s body hence facilitating the heeling that is fueled by a limitless source of power which is brought about by the God.

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Healing by Reiki is a wholesome energy kind and upon addition of the patient desire to get healed makes the cleansing of their emotional illnesses facilitate the total healing process. The likely health benefit of using Reiki as a mode of treatment is the deep relaxation and the support that the body is accorded. This enables the body to relief off tension and stress (Usui, 1999). The process does as well accelerate the body’s healing process and better sleep. It in addition cuts down on blood pressure and it too useful in delicate conditions and the chronic tribulations. Examples of the acute condition include injuries and an example of a chronic problem is headaches and eczema. Reiki does as well relive pain, and eliminates the energy blockages which do make changes to the endocrine structure flow which results to the body balance and harmony. The ability of the body to clean itself from the risky toxins and the immune system support, rising vitality and the prolonging of the ageing process and assisting out with the spiritual development are the other health merits of using Reiki as a substitute treatment.

Strategic usage of the treatment does create a culture in the body that does open the energy tracts that are in the body and this assists it to compact with stressing issues as well as the fighting of the toxins and facilitating the cooperating with and instances of angst and depression. Reiki given when the person is not sickly facilitates the build up of the body defense mechanism which makes it able to handle the daily shortcomings (Phylameana, 2004). It is more so stronger and effective when it is used with the other therapies because it helps to reinforce its effectiveness.

Other therapies that can be used together for a more positive effect are the aroma therapies, homeopathies and the famous Bach flower therapies on top of the meditations. Reiki does complement the modern medicine and it is usable by literally any body. It is beneficial to women more so the expectant ones, men and children. It is as well used for animals and plants. It is a energy too that can be used at any time and anywhere to relief on the sport stress and pains as well as the quick replenish of energy.

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Just like the Chinese medicine that customary use acupuncture and the westernized medicine that uses the therapeutic touch, Reiki is based on the same (Stein, 1995). Reiki practitioners have a belief that the health perspectives as well as the disease confines are a matter of unsettling the life force. Reiki practitioners are different from the acupuncturists because they are based on trying channeling a person’s ki of the universe with the aim of facilitating patients healing as opposed to the former aim of unblocking the ki. The process is done through the hands because just like therapeutic touch no touching is needed because the ki flows from the persons practicing body into the patient’s body.

It is an amazing thing to learn how to use Reiki ideology. It is a simplified technique and easy to learn, and it is not taught in the normal way but it is transferred into the learner during the class duration. The ability is transferred during the training that is accorded to the student by the master. It is an experience which allows the student to get into the limitless supply of verve force energy that is able to grow one health wise and boost his or her quality of life.

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Despite being spiritually oriented the phenomenon is not a creed. More so it is not dogmatic and there is no a must belief for one to be able to practice it. It is simple and it has no artificial relations and it is a harmless technique of sacred healing and individual elevation usable by all.

 The questions of whether Reiki is effective are rampart. Their are many of scientific reports on its effectiveness. Citations prove that the field is growing significantly and a Study done in California was able to show that the practice is able to raise the hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. The comparison of the 47 participants and the 9 medical practitioners involved was able to depict the variations in the hemoglobin and hematocrit levels and no differences in the control group.


According to Washington University School of Medicine Department of Medicine (2008), this is medically recognized branch that deals with tumors or rather cancer. It is based on the cancer diagnosis in a person, and the relative therapies towards the tumor treatment as well as the after treatment follow up of the patients. In addition it is concerned with the palliative care for critically affected patients as well as the ethical matters that are related to cancer (DeVita, Lawrence, Rosenberg, DePinho, & Weinberg, 2008). It further more looks at the screening efforts by the populace and patients keen for the early sense of the hereditary cancer such as breast type.

The diagnostic methods that are used in the testing of cancer under Oncology include the usage of Biopsy and endoscopy. The Oncologists do as well use the x-rays technology and advanced scans such as the CT scan and MRI in addition to the other techniques in radiology towards the testing of the tumor. Nuclear medicine as well is used in the testing of cancerous cells.

Some of the modalities used are as well applied in the testing of the likeliness of having a surgical procedure to remove the tumor (Abraham & Weil, 2009).The oncologists are mostly engaged in the advocating of tissue diagnosis as the most favorable method of testing for cancerous cells.

Various ethical dilemmas surround Oncological practice. Abraham, Gulley & Allegra (2009), the first include the making of decisions regarding the type of information that the oncologist should lender to the patient in relation to the magnitude of the illness. It is not easy to tell the patient that the disease is getting spread at an alarming rate as well as giving the exact prognosis due to the social problems it is associated with.

The second dilemma surrounds the ingress into the clinical tests after oncological test in instances where the disease seems to be more severe. How an Oncologist would withdrawal vigorous treatments from the cancer victim without the patient feeling neglected and left to succumb is an ethical issue as well (Govindan, 2007). It should be done in such a way that  the patients feels that he or she still gets the attention that is able to make them recover from the illness but not a neglection due to the magnitude of the cancer (Chabner, Longo & Thomas, 2007). The answers to an individual who is suffering from cancer should be straight forward hence it requires the oncologist to be able to put it rightly.


The two vary in one significant way. Reiki being a discipline that is not recognized medically, Oncology is stead a realistic and significantly considered medical discipline. Secondly Reiki is related to a non medicinal way of enhancing treatment while encology is a medical method of finding out the presence of tumors in the patient’s body.

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This is a qualitative research and data will be collected through the open format questionnaires and interviews. It was undertaken in between the official hours of 8 am to 4 pm in the afternoon.

It will involve a sample of six hospitals and at least twelve doctors to facilitate the collection of facts and data that is related to the subject. These doctors will be interviewed openly and I do not expect them to be given any form of inducement for them to take part in the exercise. Despite the usage of open ended questions on the research, interviews will to be undertaken to cover the 6 Reiki practitioners and 6 oncologists from different regions of practice.

Target population

I will be targeting the doctors who are medically trained and fit to administer the prescriptions part as well as the patients who will give their views on the matters and the practitioners. These shall be people between the ages of 36 and 62.An even number of males and females shall be involved in the process.


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Conceptual framework

The participants in this research project shall be well protected against the privacy and public knowledge of their involvement. Their shall be no compromising of the ethical concerns and the communal acceptable behaviors when conducting the research and informed consent shall be sought first before the research is embarked on. 



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