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Part One

Concept of Health

I would describe health as a state of complete physical, social, environmental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It should not be pinned to the absence of disease, as it is common in many social settings. A healthy individual is one, who eats right, does daily exercises, has excellent social relations with members of society, and is mentally sound. The time should also be set aside for meditation and the interaction with the Supreme Being.

Social health is very crucial for people, due to they are social creatures. Therefore, how persons communicate and treat each other is of great importance. I believe that every aspect of my life is completely interdependent and intertwined with others. It is similar to many bodily functions, which cannot be performed in total isolation. Likewise, it is difficult to live without contacting other people. Any society reflects social well-being of its people. Moreover, for a person, who is experiencing health problems, it is the above concept that helps during the healing process. It depends on the willingness of the afflicted to honestly and clearly communicate their problems. On the other hand, recipients need to actively listen to those, who suffer, due to it is critical for their healing.

Appreciating all that nature provides by participating in group hikes, camping, or fishing, is part of physical health. The latter requires one to engage in activities that will help them unwind or reflect upon their plans. I personally like taking a walk in the woods just to have a moment for myself. The experience is always new, even though a venue may remain the same. During such moments, I meditate on how I have carried on with my life, and envision where I want to be in the future.

It is a refreshing experience, which is different for every individual. Some people may opt to take a drink in the evening, due to it is a kind of relaxation for them, while others may choose to lock themselves up for some time, or may take an evening jog, if they think it is appropriate. Some people may stay on the couch watching their favorite channel.

The concept of health has evolved over the years. It may have been caused by the increased development and number of incurable diseases. Changing lifestyles are largely to blame. At the present moment, people are more worried about life longevity. The growing number of diseases, especially cancer, has raised concern among them. Nowadays, it has become a common practice to eat healthy products and lead a balanced life. The type of food and the method used in its production or processing is of essence. People also want to avoid job pressures and related activities that expose them to lethal materials, including dangerous radiation.

Influences on My Views

I was brought up in a staunch Christian family. It made me spend most time in the church, where I learnt the Christian values that later influenced my concept of health. According to the religious teachings, I believe that spiritual well-being is an ultimate condition that one has to acquire to attain good health. A person, who is healthy spiritually, welcomes God’s blessings and graces that enable him or her live a fulfilling life. Christianity is driven by love, and it is this concept that binds people together. It makes Christians take care of their fellows in need.

I tend to think that Christianity enhances health, due to it advocates for oneness. It improves social relations, since individuals are more concerned about other persons. I enjoy when we organize activities to help the needy, visit the sick, or do some charity work in the local town. Such experience improves my relations with other people, as well as with the Maker.

Another influencing factor is the education system. Through the latter, my mind has been opened up to think on a higher level. Through learning, I can incorporate more in the understanding of health. The opportunity of obtaining education has also enabled me to gain in-depth knowledge on what I have learnt during my upbringing, both in the family circle and in the church. In general, I am wise now, due to I can argue the importance of healthy living. It has summed up all positive sides form what I have previously learnt. Now, I continue gaining more.

I have a big family, and its members are very close. They help each other when a need arises. This care and love makes one feel wanted and cared for. It is an important factor for a person to lead a healthy life. As a child, I was taught the importance of health by being given instructions on what not to do to avoid contracting diseases. These included minor actions, like washing hands before meals, avoiding playing in the dirt, keeping warm when it was cold, avoiding sugary foods, and engaging in games that did not pose health risks. Following these simple rules helped me be healthy.

Impact of the Course

Based on this course, I can acknowledge the importance of scrutinizing not only eating habits, but also the composition of food in terms of nutrients. The information I have achieved enables a person to avoid overindulging in one dimension of health. For instance, overeating and involving in minimal exercises makes people develop health problems associated with increased weight. The affected person will need to reduce the amount of food and check the dietary composition in order to reduce weight. The course also provides the acknowledgement of changing trends in lifestyle and their effect on health patterns.

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Part Two

I have made several attempts to change my lifestyle, due to it is necessitated by the changing times. The reason behind this is to enhance my ability to tackle life challenges and at the same time maintain the capacity for optimal functioning. Changes have affected various aspects of my life and can be summarized into physical, mental, and biochemical. The level of functioning is deemed optimal, if it enhances a positive influence and support provided by one person to another.

I want to dwell on one particular change concerning persistent weight problems I have experienced in my early teenage life. The problem was a result of poor eating habits, the lack of healthy exercises, and a poor postural pose. To a large extent, it damaged my confidence in the public, due to I could not maintain a positive outlook. I had never functioned at my best, because I disliked my appearance. However, I did little to change the situation, due to I could not change my eating habits. Luckily, I had all information necessary for making changes at my disposal, but had a difficulty in putting it into practice.

Since I was not keen on my dietary requirements, I lost control over an increase in weight. It was mostly attributed to the ease of the availability of junk food. Obesity affected several other aspects of my life. I continuously viewed all situations through negative lenses, due to I thought everybody was mocking at my overweight body. It damaged my social life, since I was always careful when it came to interacting with other people. At some point, I thought things would never change.

I realized I had a little understanding of various important aspects necessary for a healthy being. I only considered myself healthy, due to I rarely suffered from diseases. However, the interrelationship between my physical, social, biochemical, and emotional aspects were necessary for the healing process.

It dawned on me that I was not solving my problem being more concerned about the attitude of my peers. I isolated myself from social gatherings to avoid public ridicule. It resulted in a continued stay at home, where I continued consuming more food. I also rarely went out for a walk in comparison with the present moment. My family never saw this as an issue, due to many relatives had weight problems. They viewed it as an inherited genetic condition.

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After learning about the effects of obesity and an alienated lifestyle, I decided to find a solution. I viewed myself as a unique individual, given the challenges I was facing. I made my mind not to keep complaining, but to search for assistance to attain optimal health socially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

My decision to reduce weight was met with mixed reactions of my peers and members of the family. While some encouraged to continue, and even provided tips on what I should do, others remained skeptical of the ability to change my lifestyle. Most people did not know that I had decided to view life differently. It was important, due to it would enable me to participate in social activities and at the same time enjoy nature.

My Christian beliefs were essential in my path to changes, due to they provided the possibility to share worries and expectations with members of the church, who happened to be more than willing to help. Most importantly, they had never viewed me as a set of symptoms and complaints. Whenever I asked church officials for an advice, they showed great concern. I could tell that they were aware of my experiences aimed at improving health.

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After realizing my determination to change, the family offered support. I got to know a lot of information concerning my health history since childhood. It included all possible symptoms that I had being an infant, as well as development delays, and physical and emotional traumas, caused by the family.

I developed a programme that would enable me to reach the desired goal. However, challenges emerged from school, dietary habits, peer pressure, and adapting to a new physical training program. I had no choice but to make tremendous changes to improve my future well-being. I had counted all costs by evaluating all variables and benefits.

The evaluation process offered various diagnostic clues and an insight into possible corrective measures. I reduced the amount of junk food and developed an outdoor outlook. I found a group that did regular exercises and was willing to help me with my problem. As the time elapsed, I felt more comfortable with people around me. My family also appreciated the efforts I was making. At one point, my elder brother offered me to buy some junk food. I did not know that it was a test. However, I declined the offer, due to I had made a resolution that laid the foundation for the betterment of my health.

I also learnt that there is a strong correlation between food and emotions. Combinations of certain foods bring about, conciliate or evade many emotional stresses and psychological problems. This realization made me analyze my food choices. The dietary changes accelerated my healing process by enhancing the body’s ability to repair physically and emotionally. The experience enabled to change my health behavior successfully. As a suggestion, it is vital for people with health problems to be educated about their condition to be able to identify what course of actions to take.



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