Free Essay Sample «Planning Better Health for the Future»

«Planning Better Health for the Future»

This study is an attempt to provide information on the modes of improving health with the help of the “Healthy People 2010” program, established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to monitor the nation's health. The “Healthy People 2010” presents 28 areas to improve health, but only 10 focal points will be discussed below.

  1. Arthritis, osteoporosis and chronic back conditions are gradually creeping into the major percentage of the population in America.
  2. Cancer is not contagious, yet the resultant death rate is high and rising.
  3. Chronic kidney disease is on the increase and is killing more people day by day.
  4. Diabetes leads to other body part malfunction like the kidney, the eyes and the heart.
  5. Heart disease and stroke; studies have shown that it is among the first five killer diseases for both men and women.
  6. Injury and violence prevention in schools, public places and in auto accidents.
  7. Nutrition and Overweight are becoming the most important health issues in America; it is creeping excessively into the larger percent of the adult and young population.
  8. Respiratory diseases belongs to the the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary (COPD) disease. It poses a very high risk to individuals.
  9. Substance Abuse: A bid to scuffle out the abuse of drugs has been futile
  10. Tobacco Use: COPD respiratory diseases have their roots in tobacco use. It is therefore very important, as it is one of the top deseases affecting the society (Zamora,2012).

After identifying the focus health needs, it is important to identify ways of formulating programs that could help in addressing these health issues. The Health Communication Unit (2001) developed six (6) steps:

Step 1: This involves the preliminary activities that should be taken before establishing the health program; it includes the participants, processes, time, budget and other forms of input.

Step 2: Conduct a situational assessment taking note of individuals and organizations as well as their stakes and interests, make assumptions, collate information, follow the procedures with reference to rules, ethics and standards of the organization..

Step 3: State the factors that will bring plausible or undesirable outcomes of the goals stated, note individuals that will be directly or indirectly affected by this program.

Step 4: Setup the tactics of operation, performing tests and choosing the best tactic for each strategy, identifying and acquiring these resources.

Step 5: Note the long-term program objectives, short-term program objectives, short-term outcome objectives which is the time line in respect to results to be achieved.

Step 6: Review the Program Plan – To round up this work, it is important to evaluate the entire program plan, looking for fissures and breaches.

The impacts on the failures of achieving these health focal points stated earlier will have a hostile effect on the entire nation. Stuart Robertson (2011) showed that the United States and the world at large are becoming unhealthier; where most of the ills in the society are contagious and could lead to a more unhealthy society, also the image of the country is obviously affected, as people attribute the ills to the society, the future of nation is no longer secured, as these ills are passed from generation to generation.

In conclusion, a better future is incomplete if there is an existence of ill health in the nation. Emphasis should be placed on achieving health goals because the improvements in healthy living stand as the core aim of the American society. It is important to ensure quality health, for it creates room for the general improvement in all sectors of the economy.



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