Free Essay Sample «Physical Fitness and Wellness»

«Physical Fitness and Wellness»

In the article ‘How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way’, Pillinger states that the most healthy way for an individual to lose weight is not by doing crash diets or bursting the body with vigorous exercises, but by slowly introducing one’s body to changes in terms of exercises and diet. I agree with Pillinger. This is because hasty exercises may result into injuries while strict diets may give rise to severe nutrients’ deficiencies. For example, a person who has not exercised for years should not rush into pounding a treadmill. This might cause physical injury, hence reducing the person’s fitness levels. Similarly, an individual should not suddenly start eating small quantities of food, or severely restricting his/her calories intake if the body is not used to such type of diet.

According to Pillinger, when an individual takes more food than what the body requires to support routine metabolism activities and maintain the cell membrane, the excess energy is stored in the body as fat. This is what causes individuals to gain weight. Therefore, to lose the excess weight, an individual is required to make use of the excess fat stored in his/her body. Pillinger advises that this can be effectively done by reducing intake of calories in the body, and increasing activity levels. For example, if an individual takes one biscuit every day for breakfast, he/she can stop taking the biscuit and start taking a fruit instead. In addition, an individual can increase his/her activity levels by walking more, as opposed to driving (Waehner).

In my opinion, lifetime physical fitness and wellness can be achieved through adopting healthy eating habits and being physically active. Healthy eating habits entail eating the right amounts of food with the right amounts of nutrients. Weekly or monthly weight loss goals cannot be effective if an individual does not observe healthy eating habits and engage in physical activities for the rest of the year. Physical wellness and fitness is a lifetime affair, and individuals should not focus on their physical wellness and fitness on weekly or monthly basis.



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