Free Essay Sample «Patient Safety: What Your Patient Needs to Know About CAM»

«Patient Safety: What Your Patient Needs to Know About CAM»

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) comprises numerous methods and products exploited to uphold and preserve health and wellbeing or cure human sickness. The article I have selected, copes with biologically oriented, orally consumed CAM goods, counting herbs, nutritional supplements, and natural goods. Even though a few healthcare suppliers focus on CAM, human beings can purchase and exploit CAM cures without any therapeutic counsel or directions. Amongst the products frequently consumed in the United States contain fish oil, omega 3, and Echinacea. Patients might be urged to seek CAM via peers, healthcare suppliers, culture, or marketing. They might be enticed to buy treatments for wellbeing matters such as cardiovascular diseases or cancer that are endorsed with uncomplicated, self-explanatory ads. Patients' buying choices may be impacted by their absence of assurance for tablets or its costly rates, or through their aspiration to acquire an augmented sense of management. Unluckily, choices taken without thorough understanding or qualified facts, might cause unproductive or detrimental repercussions.

Although CAM exploitation has augmented globally, and novel products are emerging in healthcare stores devoid of any local society recognition or directions for apt usage, I have great belief in the world of herbs and their ability to cure so many ailments, despite the slow process of their treatment span, provided that this kind of natural products be accompanied with extensive understanding and awareness ads and campaigns that can spread knowledge and proper usage to people. Exploiting such products irresponsibly and sporadically might lead to negative upshots, and the mere positivity of such a medicine might shift dramatically to being destructive. The world of natural treatments and goods is enormous, where an entity has to be enlightened about the consumption of natural products along with other drugs, i.e. contradictions, proper doses, or even from a constructive perspective, its deficiencies and synergetic effects, all of which are safety concerns. The article mentions that the World Health Organization has endorsed national dialogue and regulation development to avoid misunderstandings, improper usage, and detrimental effects, and especially in the presence of little research on some of the herbs employed and their positive impact. The article continues by constructively denoting that all the herbal supplements produced must comply with the FDA standards and thus must be labeled. Supplements must comprise the proper and adequate amounts and dosages that must be taken along with the suitable percentages and accurate amount of ingredient. As far as nursing considerations are concerned, patients in this context should also be informed and enlightened about the difference between a drug and a herbal supplement and of any further or latent interaction that this supplement might cause. So it’s the nurses’ responsibility to act upon this and not recommend any supplements that are not supported by the FDA or do not comprise any sufficient data and validity of efficacy. Natural supplements on the level of pregnant patients, pediatric patients, and older adults, have not been indulged in any confirmed data in terms of safety or effectiveness (Vitale, 2012).

Although Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is not characterized as a conventional medicine, I substantially believe that it can be of a massive benefit if well exploited on the long-term process and via specialized doctors and pharmacists instead of any other person wanting to take the initiative by him or herself. Hence, given proper guidelines about each and every herb and supplement, in addition to its exact ingredient and usage, this will make a revolution in the world of health in the future.



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