Free Essay Sample «Maryland Health Benefit Exchange»

«Maryland Health Benefit Exchange»

The United States has tried much to reform the healthcare sector in order to meet the demands of the consumers. Notably, current hubbubs taking place in the sector revolve around healthcare insurance exchanges, as required by the Affordable Care Act of 2010. For instance, in Maryland, the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange is one of the organizations that have come up with the connector program, which will enable the organization to develop and market health plans for the residents of Maryland. Tequila Terry is the director of plan and partner management at the organisation. She explains what the plan is all about, and how the organisation plans to market its health plan on exchange.

She begins by asserting that the Affordable Act 2010 offered organizations an opportunity to create programs that will cater for both individuals and shop health exchange (SHOP exchange). To them, the program will address these two navigators.

According to Terry, the individual exchange navigators employed by healthcare entities will play a significant role in educating the consumers about this program. This will help in marketing the health exchange plan by informing the consumers on how to enroll, renew or disengage some healthcare plans. They will also play a significant role in determining some eligibility conditions of plans such as Medicaid and the Maryland Children’s Health Program.

On the other hand, Terry explains that SHOP exchange navigators will handle those employers who do not offer healthcare insurance services to their employees. Some of the services they will offer in line with the exchange plan include Medicaid and the Maryland Children’s Health Program. The program will also provide health plan benefits to small employers and even to those exempted from tax credit (Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, 2013, p.1).



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