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«Healthcare Marketing»

Health care marketing types identified as Email Health care marketing and in-house health care marketing. Through the internet connections in our work places and homes patients can access medical details from their emails from doctors and other health organizations. In house health care marketing strategy is one in which, doctors travel from house to house administering medications and other healthcare programs to patients or willing people, (Berkowitz, 2011).

Utilizing a company’s resources in order to market health care is one standardized way of developing good relations with patients and the society in general. Patients will be willing to be treated and check ups by doctors with company logos due to they way they handle their services and standard of services offered. Patients will be willing to corporate with medical offer from a registered company rather than individuals who come to their houses selling medical stuffs and diagnosing patients. This will create a degree of mistrust from their patients in the case their wrong diagnosis and wrong medication is prescribed for a different diagnosis, (LeKrishna, 2006).

Health care associations which are responsible fro developing the medical marketing will definitely have different kind of perspectives towards the development of these marketing procedures. Therefore they will have to take an initiative into the development of proper marketing strategies which not only will help their patients but also facilitate patients to seek medical attentions.

Health Care Administrations will have t develop wider resource centers which will help n certifying doctors and medical officers in order to develop health care marketing platforms, this will not only improve medical services but will improve patient doctor relationship through proper medication prescriptions, right administration of drugs and development of hospital standards in the outside environment. The administrations and other medical facilities will have to develop medical open days that will bring together people for the common exercise of vaccinations, screening , donating blood, testing of different types of diseases and among many other ways which can bring together people for a common agenda, (Fortenberry, 2011)



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