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«Glen Cove Hospital»


Glen Cove Hospital (GCH) is a healthcare facility that offers services in the areas of inpatient medical and surgical, critical care, orthopedics and behavioral health.  It is a part of the satellite network of hospitals and centers of the North Shore – Long Island Jewish (NS - LIJ) Health System in New York.


The organizational structure at Glen Cove Hospital can be best described as a service line organization because it operates as a part of the larger North Shore – LIJ healthcare system.  The NS – LIJ group practices centralized administration across all hospitals in its network with the finance, information technology and procurement functions fully integrated.  The entire healthcare system works under single administration, single clinical leadership, and single board structure (Molpus, 2010, p. 23).  Yet, at the same time, while standards are set centrally, local solutions are allowed, which enables Glen Cove Hospital to actually functions as a part of the system instead of an isolated unit in a bunch of independent hospitals (Molpus, 2010, p. 22).  This organizational structure is effective at meeting the needs of GCH staff to provide service because it does not impose local solutions and instead allows for the diversity and uniqueness of each individual hospital.

An assessment of the organizational culture at Glen Cove Hospital reflects that it does indeed facilitate the delivery of safe, quality nursing services to its patients.  GCH’s physical and social environment boasts a 265-bed facility that is readily accessible by car or Long Island Rail Road.  The hospital provides excellent medical and surgical care through state-of-the-art programs and there are guest lounge facilities and language translation services for patient visitors. The Hospital has a very supportive and safe organizational culture. Collaborative care councils have been established in the clinical and nonclinical areas of the unit to foster teamwork, mutual respect, collaboration and communication (North Shore – LIJ, 2012b, p. 47).  It is this culture that has enabled GCH to be one of the only two hospitals in the New York metro area with zero infection rates in intensive care units, which is a testament to its safe, quality nursing care.

The nursing care delivery model at Glen Cove Hospital comes from the philosophy of nursing practiced in the NS – LIJ health system, which is ‘patient comes first’.  The unit’s nursing care delivery model revolves around specific processes, for example Friday safety rounds, collaborative care councils, evidence-based practice, six sigma, fast track decision, etc. (North Shore – LIJ, 2012a).  GCH believes that the mission of its nursing services is to meet the needs of every patient culturally and spiritually, enabling individuals to achieve their highest level of health or a peaceful, dignified end of life.  Overall, the high standards espoused by nursing theorists Florence Nightingale and Jean Watson influence GCH’s philosophy of nursing and this is reflected in the high patient satisfaction scores from the Hospital’s patients and patrons. 

To obtain patient consent for complex surgical procedures at GCH, registered professional nurses practice in an environment where the individual RN is the leader of the health care team empowered with the autonomy, the support and the resources to assist patients in attaining maximum wellness across the continuum of health care.


Glen Cove Hospital is a modern and successful healthcare facility equipped with state-of-the-art programs to provide both outpatient and inpatient medical and surgical services as a satellite hospital of the North Shore – LIJ health system in New York.



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