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The improvement in medication and general living standards has led to some people living for longer period. The long life expectancy is not without challenges as ageing people are easily affected with opportunistic diseases such as dementia, renal diseases, and bones weakening among other illnesses. The community health institutions together with government authorities have partnered to form groups that provide care services to the older people since most of them continually become unable to carry on with their normal life as they advance in age (Moodie & Daube, 2009). This paper discusses the role that  community health service providers play in ensuring that people who need health care services are not only afforded these services but that they get the best services in the country. It also highlights on the community involvement in the provision of health care services to the aged as an important feature in the planning and development of community health services. Consumers are also directly involved in the planning and advising of service needs through.

The main issue in the scenario is the need to provide special medical attention to an aged couple whose attention requires the services of qualified community nurses. The problems that the couple faces are a result of their advanced ages which qualifies them to have free community health care services provided for elderly people in the community. The available services for the elderly people in the country cover their medical attention and many health care systems are aware of the challenges that they are facing in the industry. As such, marketing plan is aligned with the existing challenges to ensure that they serve the purpose and objectives of health care providers. This will largely depend on the perceived and real challenges that the marketing department in each health care facility faces. Obviously, each health care provider has unique challenges which inform the formation of a marketing plan that will help in overcoming those challenges.  The essence of a marketing plan is to enable customers to know about the services and products available at the company (Lippencott & Luxford, 2010).

The community nurse has the responsibility of developing good marketing plans to ensure that the services reach to people who need them. In formulating a marketing plan for health care institutions, the community nurse will have to identify target customers. This is because she will need to have a clear understanding of the needs of the patients for them to provide services which are specifically meant for such patients (Labonte, 1997). Moreover, having the needs of the clients in mind will help in cutting down the costs associated with providing general services which also might not attract as many consumers as expected. Having to identify a niche market is important in health care provision because it helps the health care provider to specialize and offer high quality services. Additionally, a marketing plan should be informed by the actual happening in the entire industry. The ability to highlight the actual challenges in the health care industry will assist the marketing team to come up with innovative and creative solutions in health care. Having well researched information will also help in launching products and services that are competitive in the market (Rauckhorst, Stokes & Mezey, 2010).

Equally important are the objectives and goals of the health care institution as they help in outlining the marketing plan. However, the goals and objectives in a marketing plan must be specific and achievable. In other words, a marketing plan must emanate from the SMART concept so that it is specific in nature, measurable in quantity and quality, attainable in terms of execution, realistic, and time bound. These characteristics will ensure that the marketing plan not only help the health care system in competing effectively but also to remain profitable in the middle of challenges (Moodie & Daube, 2009).  Moreover, understanding of the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats in the industry will also be part of the marketing plan. The SWOT analysis will help the marketing department to understand the advantages that competitors have and thus enable the health care provider to position effectively to deal with the competition. The knowledge of the advantages that competitors have will also help in launching products and services which are based on the outcome of the care services and the quality that customers are going to derive from such services. This will arguably be the basis on which the consumers choose the health care provider among the numerous ones in the market. Higher success rates will also be the blueprint on which the customers are going to choose which health care provider to go for (Hibbard, Slovic & Finucane, 2009).

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In the scenario, an elderly couple faces health problems that require the invention of the community health workers. Because of their advanced ages and health conditions, Regina and Giuseppe qualifies as people who need medical attention such as health conditions, cultural, and identified needs. This will enable them to access services through community health centers, aged care assessment team, and community care services community health centers. In the country, these services are free of charge and thus it is only a matter of assessing their conditions and enlisting them as beneficiaries of the health care service (Richardson & Norris, 2010).  Their eldest daughter, Rosa, who has been caring for them, and now having problems with her husband could make Initial or urgent contact to the relevant bodies that are tasked with giving health care services to elderly people without appointment through the intake officer of the day. She could also make appointment to the majority of programs which are conducted by community health centers. Such programs allow for high degree of mobility thus making it easy for home visits, agency visits, and the transporting of clients to centre based programs to be done. The involvement of community health centers is an important feature in the planning and development of health care services to the couple as it will relieve Rosa from the duty of caring for her parents. It will also ensure that they get the best medical attention provided in the country. Rosa will be allowed to directly participate and advise on the kind of services that Regina and Giuseppe require since she knows their problems better than anyone else.



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