Free Essay Sample «The Modernization of China and Global Warming»

«The Modernization of China and Global Warming»

In this book, Harris gives the reader an insightful analysis of the foreign policies, domestic politics, and international relationship in East and Southeast Asia. The author shows how countries of this key region are often disproportionately impacted by climate change. Note that, as these countries strive to develop and expand, their contribution to the problem grows. He also strives to help the reader to understand the role of foreign policy better, which is broadly defined, with the aim of preserving natural resources and the environment.

Founded in practical cosmopolitan ethics, Harris presents a workable and serious solution to climate change. In particular, this book highlights the role of individuals, proposing a novel way of addressing the global politics of climate change, as well as recommending more explicit involvement of individuals by employing practical cosmopolitan ethics. Harris asserts that people in developing countries should join efforts and limit greenhouse gas emission. This would lead the governments of developed nations and there citizens to cut down on their future pollution, help those who will be affected most by pollution, and live up to their responsibilities in regards to the history of pollution. I used the information in this book since it is related to the discussed topic i.e. global warming.

This book focuses on the workshop that was sponsored by the Naval War College, under the stewardship of William B. Ruger. Lloyd gives a comprehensive coverage of this workshop, whose aim was to provide a collegial forum for a small group of regional and foreign experts to formulate and advocate for new directions for America's foreign policy in major regions of the world, especially China. During this forum, member discussed the opportunities and challenges the United States and its allies would face in the future. It was established that some elements of the United States foreign policy, such as economic, environmental, diplomatic, information, and military were to be changed in regards to other nations. Overall, this book pinpoints the direction that the United States’ foreign policy should take to support its objectives and interests, and that of its friends and allies like China. Although this book is not related to the topic, I used some of its information as supporting data in my essay.

This compelling book provides an informative discussion about the predictable effect of the disaster called global warming. Maslin also discuses the politics of global warming, what humans can do to migrate from its worst effect as well as adapt to the climate change caused by global warming. This book is a product of the recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is a massive collaborative study that draws together current thinking about global warming from experts from different disciplines. Maslin then presents the findings of the panel to the general fraternity of readers for the first time. The information in this book is related to the topic of discussion. I chose this book as a source for my essay to present some historical information about global warming.

This book contains updated versions of the most pertinent papers that were presented in Asian at the 1991 conference on public administration and policy. Many of these papers are also based on the presentations that were made at the tri-annual meeting of the International Political Association in 1991. In this book, Nagel analyzes various key aspects of substance and methodology regarding social, economical, and political policies in Asia directed towards achieving more efficient, equitable, and effective social institution. Every chapter in this page-turner has been authored by professionals from within Asia and from Asia research institutes elsewhere. This book combines insightful prescriptive and casual generalizations with practical policy. The book puts much emphasis on the role of governmental decision making, as well as the important role of social groups, market place and engineering. I used some information from this book in my essay although it is not related to the topic. I only used the information to provide some historical information about the issue as well as supporting data for the essay.

By evaluating and explaining the development of policy making in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), YU demonstrates the assertion that international regimes have had a hand in the development of coordination in Chinese policy making. From early 1990’s, Yu contends that there are two increasingly searing topics that have attracted numerous scholarly attention in Chinese politics. First off, it is the dramatic transformation of China’s political system. Second, it is the over involvement of China in international regimes. The author showcases his extensive firsthand experience in formulating environmental programs about global warming having made endeavors in the field of international environmental cooperation. I used much information from this book because its content is related to the discussion topic.



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