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The Fatal Flood

Buy custom The Fatal Flood essay

Mississippi has been hit by two enormous floods, one of which occurred in 1927, and the hurricane Katrina, which hit the city in 2005. Basically, the two fatal catastrophes bare fundamental resemblance in that the region affected by the fatal flood in 1927 was similarly the same flooded by 2005 hurricane Katrina. Most of the people largely affected in the two scenarios were the African-Americans who in the 1927 epidemic were working in the large plantations, owned by numerous aristocratic white settlers. In Katrina majority of the affected citizens were those of the underprivileged class (PBS, n.d.).

In both calamities it was the constructed levees which broke allowing the floods from the Mississippi river to swell and cover the surrounding Mississippi town.  Seemingly, both floods left extremely devastating outcomes as nearly thousands of citizens suffered fatalities while millions became homeless. In fact, it was reported that in both floods there was a partial use of levees, which provides the explanation to why the river floods covered adjacent land.

The weather forecasting mechanism has drastically improved since the 1927 floods as the technology era has set in. This has enabled much accurate forecasting of looming disasters, as it was seen in the hurricane Katrina, where alerts were issued early enough, making it possible for many of the residents to be evacuate from the prone regions to higher grounds. Thus, its actually true that with much improved weather forecasting the lives of the millions of citizens were saved as they responded to the warning issued in regard to the Katrina (Devore, 2011).

Once a natural disaster, for instance the 1927 flooding and the 2005 hurricane Katrina occurs, it makes a devastating impact on the people as well as affects and the whole country. The poor are mostly affected by such catastrophes. For instance, after the flood water related diseases began spreading. Less privileged feel the stress more in terms of treatment. Moreover, they loose their houses. The poorest suffer even more, since the probability of rebuilding their house is rather low.  However, aspects like economic instability affect everyone, even the government and schools, causing the loss of social amenities, such as health facilities. Moreover, the damage of infrastructure affects everyone, no matter whether one is rich or poor (PBS, n.d.).

The floods of 1927 are known for the fundamental changes to the society, brought by the end of the era which was full of racial and political segregation. These floods caused massive migration of the African-Americans to neighboring states like Chicago.  As the affected areas continue to recover from the devastating hurricane Katrina, several changes like disaster preparedness initiatives would actually be implemented (Devore, 2011).

Buy custom The Fatal Flood essay

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