Free Essay Sample «Our Iceberg Is Melting»

«Our Iceberg Is Melting»

1. Due to the global meltdown, penguins are faced by quite a pool of challenges because they cannot withstand the high temperatures. These are animals that were created to survive in cold temperatures along within certain readings. Due to the meltdown they have been forced to move to the poles that is the north and South Pole and far from the suns position in the equator. The penguins are in groups shifting from their traditional positions to areas that are far from the central suns positing because it is making their residence hard to thrive in.

Due to the bitterness of the situation the penguins are short of the lives hence making them to shift from to new habitats. The penguins are as well facing the meltdown through the adoption of the situation that they are subjected to. It is out of mere requirement to fit in the situation that the penguins as characters in the book, are made to camouflage to the requirement of the situation. They are changing their older life’s conventions to fit into the global ice meltdown. Out of the meltdown, their lives are made hard to thrive on hence the need of changing to fit the calls of nature. It is factual that the global weather has not given them an exception to the impacts of globalization and they had to be adoptive of the situations. When the worse became the worst, penguins have turned into the tough creations to survive in the decreasing ice in the polar areas. They are able to put up with the situation ordinarily due to limited options on the matter. Being short of options and areas to turn to, the penguins are getting to the realistic side of the matter.

2. The most probable concepts that the penguins could have used to help them navigate through the problem are on chapter 15 of the book where the author addresses how to lead change (Daft 2008). The penguins had to choose between either adopting or rather changing to fit into the recent doctrines of global meltdown or decide to succumb to the variations. The situation could have been led better by the penguin’s involvement in the practice of leading change that is major to the situation of the global ice meltdown for them to be able to cope in a realistic magnitude and be able to survive through the impacts of the global meltdown. The critical conventions of the global meltdown should have been initially advocated for by the penguins for the purpose of ensuring that all that had to be set forth to mitigate the effects of the matter are ready before the several stages of the situation.

Every day variations could have been led by the penguins as they try to handle the global meltdown (Hughes, Ginnet & Curphy, 2008). To survive in it the penguins could have taken the centre stage to ensure that today’s differences from the yester ones are addressed with the magnitude that they do desire. This could have as proposed Daft the author of the book “The Leadership Experience” helped the penguin mitigate the disadvantages of the global meltdown on its side.

According to Daft (2008), Innovations that are related the matter mitigation was a likely method that the penguins could have absorbed to enable them handle the situation that was before hand. If they had the book they could have came up with an organized creative organization that would enable them to face the meltdown of ice with an optimistic perspective.

Daft (2008), argues that change is better taken care off by the availance of the relative tools and their implementation. Thus the penguins could have gathered the related tools and sprung into the implementation phase to enable them thrive nicely in the global ice meltdown.



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