Free Essay Sample «The Roles Played by the Programs Taught at the University of AAA in Their Student’s Lives»

«The Roles Played by the Programs Taught at the University of AAA in Their Student’s Lives»


Students’ lives are affected by the lessons received in the University of AAA. The mission of the University is to educate its students to have a productive work life, living an enlightened life, and being actively involved in the community. The current paper will look at how the mission by the University of AAA is reflected on the lives of its students.

The programs offered at the University of AAA are carefully selected, hence they are of high quality. Furthermore, the programs are aimed at preparing students for a professional environment in liberal arts. Some of the programs include digital arts, historic preservation as well as interior architecture and product design. The University of AAA prepares all students on how to live within a society, which is constantly changing and complex. Moreover, the students are enriched with skills of building strong relationships with the community they are living in to be productive at work.

Skills of Productive Work Acquired by Students of the University of AAA

From the lectures of programs offered by the University of AAA, students are taught how to be creative in working conditions. Speaking about creativity, students are expected to learn how to change the perspectives they hold and how to solve problems in new ways (Leist, 2011). Furthermore, the students are encouraged to take risks and ignore any doubts they have when facing fear. Before students are enrolled in any program at the University of AAA, the university first ensures that the students have a passion for that particular program. To gain passion, students are taught how to know who they are.

Notably, students are assisted to identify what they are good at while acknowledging the values that they hold highest. Besides, the students are encouraged to identify the things they enjoy doing along with the things they dislike. With skills of knowing oneself, the students gain passion and end up being highly productive when released to the world after graduating (Robertson & Cooper, 2011). To enhance the productivity of its students, the University of AAA provides them with skills of project management. Students are taught how to meet their deadlines as well as the expectations people have towards them.

To be good project managers, students are taught how to be effective in their communication as well as how to maintain it. Just as communication is one of the crucial skills for project management, the students are taught to be good leaders. Along with the leadership skills, they are taught how to work in a team and how to lead a group of people strategically as well as how to operate within a team (Leist, 2011). In addition, students are taught about negotiation skills which assist them in budgeting, sharing resources, and creating schedules.

Another important skill incorporated into the University of AAA’s program is networking. Students are first encouraged to change their mindset from working with people to holding networks with them. In addition, they are encouraged to decide in advance who they want to build networks with. To build strong networks, students are taught how to focus their energy on their intended networks (Zenger, 2012). The next step in networking is creating a map of achieving goals that have been set for a defined period. With a map in place, it is then crucial to build human connection, after which the next step is to connect with other people who have wide networks.

Furthermore, programs from the University of AAA endow students with style which refers to the unique approach that each student has when it comes to design. Students are encouraged to seek inspiration from what they see as their favorite art. When searching for any resources or ideas, students are taught how to be smart in the choices they make (Leist, 2011). To have a constant improvement in style, students are taught how to incorporate their lifestyle and lifetime goals to their work. However, the greatest tool concerning the style students are equipped with is having personal confidence.

Additionally, the programs of the University of AAA offer skills for critical thinking. Due to critical thinking, students can find rational solutions to any problems presented to them. To think critically, students are encouraged to utilize any time that is wasted in a day. However, they are encouraged to handle only one problem a day (Zenger, 2012). Furthermore, students are taught how to reshape their character. Reshaping one’s character goes along with dealing with one’s ego. Another skill taught by programs of the University of AAA is technology. All students of the University of AAA are encouraged to be conversant with the ever changing technology.

Besides technology, students are taught skills about how to be a personal boss. To be good personal boss, students are taught how to identify the situation they are in financially (Robertson & Cooper, 2011). With the knowledge of financial situation, one can gain discipline in how to utilize the resources they have. Effective utilization of resources calls for figuring out one’s fields of strength in work which then translates to realizing high levels of productivity at work.

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The essay above described the roles played by the programs taught at the University of AAA in their student’s lives. Students acquire skills of creativity through developing new ways of solving problems. Another skill acquired by students is to have a passion for the work they have chosen. To have great passion, students are taught to know themselves better. Equally important is the skill of project management which involves accountability. Students are encouraged to have skills in communication, working in a team, and having a plan on how to achieve goals effectively. In addition, to be highly productive, it is important to have great networks as well.



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