Free Essay Sample «No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy's»

«No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy's»

The current stand of the world in relation to the existing age groups is the main target of this wonderful piece of work. As depicted with the reflection of a character that has lived enough to tell the change in behavior the old man in the book Sheriff Ed Tom Bell describes the present times as full of evil. In his description he gives an idea of the present time as one in which people should change, as such the title is called “No country for old men”.

A cowboy, Llewelyn Moss who earns his livelihood through hunting stumbles upon a blood bath and pile of dead people of a “good deal gone badly” kind of drug trade that had occurred. Looking at the remains of the car and the dead passengers, one of them was not dead and asked for water. Saying that he does not have any, he sees the heroin that was to be transacted. In a span of luck or may be a thought of presence of the other party in the trade he follows the tracks and finds other dead people and a bag with an overwhelming $2.4 million dollars (McCarthy 9).

Life could have given him a better present than a “he lived happily ever after” with the bounty he had in his hand. Quickly he left the site but on getting home his conscience ate him up on remembering that he left a man to die. On getting back to the site, he finds the man dead and a strange truck had arrived. He tried to escape but the killer, Anton Chigurh, on trail of money as ordered by the owner of the money engages in a fire exchange with Moss leaving them both injured. As Moss recuperates, he gets an offer from Carson Wells to clear the other hitman for the loot that he got. He barely starts the job before Chigurh kills him and threatens to kill Moss’ wife Carla Jean Moss (McCarthy 186).  

Jean scared of the development tells Bell who offers protection. Bell had been living in regret after the World War 2 due to the mistake he did that led to the death of his friends. Attempting to reach Jean Moss is killed by Chigurh and the money is returned to the owner. Jean too faces the wrath of Chigurh after he flipped a coin and her death fate was sealed. Bell is left pondering on the actions and evils that have been brought about by money and drug trade (McCarthy 212).

The ones who walk away from Omelas, Ursula K. Le Guin

A short story in nature, it describes a city and the way it operates. It is a story about a group of people who due to the nature of the character and actions that occur in the town decide to move out of the town.

In the plot a summer festival is described. Everybody in the city is happy and making merry. Children in the festival are playing and some are having horse rides and a race is to occur (Le Guin 276). The narrator of the story gives a vivid and exorbitant explanation of the good deeds and the pleasures of the city. Later, in contrast to the pleasures that are occurring in the city, a look at the source of the happiness in the city is very touching. Inhabitants of the city are aware of the existence of “the child”.

Enclosed in a cage at all time with no exposure to sunlight, a child is kept there. In description, the child is said to be malnourished, dirty and naked in the cage (Le Guin 279).The state of birth of the child is not mentioned but what is sure is that the city dwellers are not doing anything about the child since their happiness is dependent on the state of the child. That is to say that, the child has to suffer for them to live well.

A sensitive bunch of people exist in the city. The issue of the child is making them restless. They decide to flee the city so as to disapprove and stop the torture of innocent people for the advantage of the others. Hence the title of the book is pegged on the ones who left in search of another place whose life and nature is unknown (Le Guin 283).


In focus the two are targeted towards instilling elements of morality into readers. In the story “No country for old men” a look into the different characters of Moss and Chigurh gives an aspect of the differentiated kind of society that is in existence today. It shows the vices that occurred as bad through the reflections of Bell. In the same fashion, the reflections and further decision that was made by the people who flee give a moral teaching that we should not enjoy  life at the expense of someone else’ rights.


Firstly, in genre, “No country for old men” is a thriller fictional novel that uses the elements of development to bring out the characters of the people as well as the themes in the story. On the other hand, “The ones who walk away from Omelas” is a short story. Apart from that, the writer uses narration as a means to build the plot and bring out the aspects of the story that appeal to morality.

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In reference to real life one of them is directly applicable and triggers the occurrence of the activity to bring out the theme. “No country for old men” talks about drug deals that ultimately destroy life through deaths as well as the effects of the usage. It is realistic. Contrary to that, a reality check into the story depicted in “The ones who walk away from Omelas” shows that what is described there will not exist in real life directly. The story rather provokes the thought of exploitation.


In the current time, there is need to address issues of morality so that we preserve the dignity and reduce friction in our co-existence. In that regard, a look into the most appealing method will ensure success. Entertainment has deep rooted appeal in the current society. Movies for example are more accessible and easier for the young generation than books. The young generation considers books as tiring and boring contrary to the richness and content that they give. To get to a large audience, the use of movies will reach this audience as well as give a practical aspect of the matter for easier understanding of the themes and the lessons that are to be learned. 



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